Living #Blessed in a #Broken World

psalm 16At this moment, I am in my pajamas, watching a band on the Today show that I have never heard of {because I am nothing if not in the know} and eating a pretend birthday cake made of Legos. This is my life and it is terribly glamorous. We have to actually leave the house today. This means that everyone must brush their teeth and wear, you know, real clothes. This is a big deal to a three-year-old who just “feels better naked.”

I guess what I am saying is that I do not have a whole lot of time. I did, however, want to share one little something-something that occurred to me this morning. I shared this on my Facebook page but wanted to share it here as well.

{Breaking news: apparently, there is a naked man causing traffic delays in Chicago by sitting on people’s cars. That is what I love about Facebook. It really knows how to weed out the boring news and give us what we really want.}


The book of Ephesians is a wonderful letter written to the faithful saints in Ephesus. In his letter, Paul tells the Ephesians that his prayer for them is that they would know hope.

…that you may know what is the hope… – Ephesians 1:18

Isn’t that what people are so desperate for these days? Apart from Christ, however, there is no hope. There is only wishful thinking and day dreaming. Paul says to forget all of that and learn true hope.

Here is the thing, though. We can not just hoard hope. We can not live as if we got on a train, punched our ticket and the next stop is paradise. What do we do with those still standing on the platform? What about those who do not {yet} know what we know? While we are living #blessed, how can we relate to those who are living #broken?

Paul tells us how. We remember was it was like to have no hope.

Remember…having no hope… – Ephesians 2:12

When we forget what it was like to live hopeless, we fail to relate to those who are still there. If we get too comfortable in our Christianity, we become callous toward those who do not yet know Him.

As we go about our day, I pray that we will KNOW HOPE. I pray that we live in it and are thankful for it. As we interact with the world around us, however, I pray that we would remember what it was like to have NO HOPE. Only then will we be able to view others with the compassion of Christ. Let us be a blessing to a broken world.

Look around you. Who needs to know about the hope that you have in Him?

3 thoughts on “Living #Blessed in a #Broken World

  1. I love to read your Blogs. You sound a lot like me minus the kids. I love my pjs and eating what I want. I sure miss you and the girls!

  2. “… too comfortable in our Christianity, we become callous toward those…” and actually show ourselves our own fallenness. 🙂
    Aren’t those lego birthday cakes the most amazing cakes – it tastes like nothing, can’t add to the curves, yet it taste and look the most amazing. Maybe especially in looking back.

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