Thoughts From a Snowed-in Mom: Day Two

It snowed ten inches Sunday night / Monday morning which means our whole town is basically shut down. {I’m pretty sure that folks in Ohio, where I’m from, would call this flurries and go on about their business.} I made a pre-snow trip to Walmart where I bought spinach dip, coffee and a deck of cards because priorities, y’all. I failed to purchase laundry detergent and, now, I’m forced to just sit on the couch and drink my coffee. Obviously, I am very disappointed because nothing puts me in my happy place quite like washing a load of clothes that I’m pretty sure no one actually wore.


I also have this knee issue that, according to Dr. Google, is called “handmaid’s knee” which cracks me up because what does that even mean? It is commonly found in carpet layers, plumbers and housewives. This makes total sense to me. I mean, when folks ask “what I do”, sometimes I say stay at home mom. Other times, I say that I’m a plumber because they are basically one and the same. My husband, however, did a more legitimate inquiry and, by that, I mean that he went to WebMD.

It turns out that it is more of a bursitis issue which sounds like something that needs the word “the” in front of it. I have the bursitis. Yes, that sounds much more accurate.

So, today is day two of being snowed in. The kids are excited about going outside in a bit and building an igloo. This means that I will spend fifteen minutes getting everyone into their snow gear and, then, I’ll have a good fifteen minutes before they all come in asking for hot cocoa. Their dad will join them because he is such a good sport. I would go out but, what with the bursitis and all and also this pesky desire I have to stay in front of the fireplace.


If you find yourself snowed in or without laundry to do, this is only day two of the If:Equip study of Hebrews. Grab your hot beverage and head on over.

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