Day 4: Go With What You Know

faith pinPains of the past.

Fears of the future.

Troubles of today.

Life can be so difficult. It can be hard to wrap our minds around the heartaches and hurts that seem to fill the days.

I want to step out of the book of Job for a moment and look at Psalm 18. This passage was not on my radar when I began thinking about this series. I think we can all agree, however, that David knew a thing or two about suffering.

What I just adore about this Psalm is that, before addressing his current trial (and it was a doozy!), David first reminds himself of what he knows to be true of God. Only then, does he go on and express concern over his current circumstances. It is easy to become completely focused on the source of our suffering. It fills our vision. It occupies our thoughts. It steals our sleep. Then, as we worry and wonder and fret, we try to squeeze in a Bible verse here or a good quote from a Christian leader there. And we wonder why we just don’t feel any better.

Maybe David was on to something.

When you don’t understand. When you’re hurting. When you’re confused. When you’re lonely. When you’re disappointed.

Start with what you know and then go on from there.

I’m a teacher at heart and I love a good visual, so:

Psalm 18 Notes

Psalm 18 Notes


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