The Samuel Project (Day 22): God Speaks to Hagar

Have you ever felt invisible?  Have there been seasons when you thought God must have lost sight of you?

Maybe something devastating has happened and people, even those who were sympathetic at first, have moved on? You feel abandoned and misunderstood.

Feeling invisible or forgotten is, for sure, one of the worst feelings in the world.

Can I just tell you that He sees you? Wherever you are right this very moment. Whatever trial you are battling. He knows and He cares and He is fighting with you and for you.

He. Sees. You.

What I Read:

Genesis 21:8-21

What He Said:

Hagar had been used, mistreated and then abandoned. It’s safe to say that she was feeling a little forgotten. We find her in the wilderness weeping loudly over, what she believes to be, the sure death of her child.

…She left and wandered in the wilderness…So, as she sat nearby, she wept loudly. Genesis 21:14b, 16b HCSB

So, here is Hagar in the wilderness again.  It was not that long ago, when she found out that she was pregnant, that she had run away into the wilderness.  There she had an encounter with God where He confirmed that He did, indeed, see her (Genesis 16).  She was so moved by that encounter that she referred to Him as The God Who Sees. In fact, she named the spring of water A Well of the Living One Who Sees Me.

He sees all.

And He sees me.

Yet, here we are with Hagar again in the wilderness weeping loudly. And, again, God comes to her.

Don’t be afraid, for God has heard the voice of the boy from the place where he is. Genesis 21:17 HCSB

God knew exactly where Hagar and her son were. And then, God opens her eyes and allows her to see that there was a well of water nearby.

He sees us in our wilderness and He is not unaware of the pain that drove us there. He sees us in the place where we are and he provides what we need to survive our time in that desert place.

He knows where you are right this very moment. When you cry alone in the shower and think nobody knows, He knows. When life seems to be moving right along with no regard to your devastation, He is there with you. Ask Him to open your eyes to the well of water in your wilderness.


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  1. I so needed to hear this message in my desert place…praying for God to show me that well of provision He’s provide to get through it. Thank you!!!

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