Humility and Honor

Pondering Philippians (Day 4): Chapter 2, Verses 1-11

I don’t want to put you first. Can I be that honest? It just is not my flesh’s first inclination – to think of what you want or need before my own wants and needs. And, let’s just be real here, you do not want to put me first either.

You and I live in a world that wants us to believe that it is all about us. Every man for himself, right? And, in reality, that would be a much easier way to live. But it is not the way of Christ.

…but in humility count others as more significant that yourselves.  – Philippians 2:3

That just flies in the face of our natural instincts, doesn’t it? How does that even make sense? What if I put you first and you do not put me first in return? Admit it, we have all thought that.

Here is what I have come to realize. I can put you first. I can see your need and try to meet it even if you do not return the favor.  You know why? Because God has my back. I do not have to look out for myself because He has His eye on me. I can focus on you because He is focused on me.

Humility and obedience are two sides of the same coin. I simply cannot be obedient to the life God has called me to unless I am a humble person. You want to know why? Because you are going to hurt me. And I must love you anyway. You are going to turn a blind eye to my need. And I must help you anyway.

Humility reminds me that we are only human and that I could do the same thing to you. And I, at some point, most likely will. I will hurt and disappoint you. And I need you to love me anyway. I will, either knowingly or in ignorance, turn a blind eye to your need. And I need you to help me anyway.

Our humility leads to our obedience. And God honors obedience.

Therefore, God has highly exalted him… – Philippians 2:9

Therefore, in this passage, refers to Christ humbling Himself and becoming obedient to death on a cross. God honored Christ’s humility and obedience.

And He will honor yours and mine.


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  1. Good Morning
    Great thoughts and I agree with You when we put other first – we stop thinking of Me Me Me
    We have such a great resource in the Bible and drawing from the Well is so important to living the life God has in mind for us
    God Bless

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