A Real Leading Man

I was in the bread aisle when my husband called me. He needed me to buy band-aids and gauze and some medical tape. That’s never a good thing. My three year old had fallen in the bathroom and had a pretty nasty gash on her chin. I got the items and headed to the check out but, wouldn’t you know it, every lane was backed up.

He texted me, Quickly, please. Mercy.

I picked a lane and watched as the cashier and the bagger made small talk and the customer questioned the price of the watermelon. The mama bear in me wanted to tell them that my baby needed me and they had about ten seconds before it got all ugly up in there. I restrained myself, however, and paid for my items. Then, I ran like a crazy woman to my car.

When I got home, my little one was sitting on the kitchen counter with dried blood all over her. My sweet honey, a.k.a. her daddy, was playing doctor and, of course, had everything under control. I’m not embarrassed to say that I fell in love with that man all over again. These moments, the behind the scenes things that he does for our family, that is true romance. See, I don’t need a Hollywood leading man. I just need a godly man who leads.  daddy and ella

The world will tell us otherwise. Romance movies and novels set unrealistic expectations in the hearts of women. The reality is, however, that what the world offers up as romantic loses its luster somewhere around the second kid. If we are smart we will realize that, while a three piece suit and some cologne are great, there isn’t anything hotter than a man playing beauty parlor and washing his little girl’s hair in the kitchen sink.

Don’t listen to the lies of Satan. You know the ones I’m talking about.

I bet her husband doesn’t leave his socks in the floor. 

I promise you, he does.

Why can’t I be whisked away for a romantic getaway like in the movies?

Listen closely. Those are actors. It. is. not. real. life.

He doesn’t buy me flowers as often as he used to buy them.

That’s probably true. And you probably don’t shave your legs as often. Am I right?

My point is that there are stages in life. There is the dating, door holding, bringing flowers stage. Then, there is also the husband who is willing to go to the store and buy your feminine products stage and one stage is no more or less romantic than the other.

Tending the Flock

I have a to-do list that is a mile long.

I am a busy lady.  And I am constantly feeling pulled in ten different directions.  I am responsible for many things and I desire to do them all well.

But what is most important?

Is it having the laundry completely done at all times?

Is it volunteering for every church need or school function?

Is it being successful at my place of work?

What is most important?

Know well the condition of your flock, and pay attention to your herds… – Proverbs 27:23 HCSB

I love that the word condition here is the Hebrew word for face.  A shepherd can look at a field full of sheep and know which one belongs to his flock.  He has to know well the face of his flock and he needs to pay attention to them.  A shepherd is diligent in his care of the animals entrusted to him.

We are called to know well the condition of our flock.  We can not be too busy for our families.  We need to spend so much time with our children that we can tell by their face that something is not right.

It is not the church’s job to make sure our children know God and His Word.  It is our job.  We need to know well the condition of their spiritual lives.

We need to give attention to our spouses.  Passing in the hallway once in a while is not enough.  We must be intentional in maintaining that relationship.

A successful career, a tidy house and volunteering at church are all fine things.  But, they’re not the most important things.  We need to be diligently tending the flock entrusted to us.  We need to know well the condition of our herd.

Hunger is dangerous…

Thanks to Courtney I’ve been thinking a lot lately about loving my husband and loving him well.  Maybe that is why this verse struck me the way that it did.

I am making my way through the book of Proverbs…reading a chapter each morning…early in the morning. 🙂  Earlier this week, I read this verse.

One who is full loathes honey, but to one who is hungry everything bitter is sweet. – Proverbs 27:7

It reminded me of Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages.  In it he talks about speaking your spouse’s love language and making sure you are keeping their “love tank” full.

In light of that, this verse in Proverbs really spoke to me.  We need to keep our husbands full…of encouragement, respect and love.  If we send them out into the world full…then even if someone as sweet as honey approached them – they will not even be remotely tempted.  In fact, the Bible says they will loathe even the idea of it.

However, if we send our men out there hungry.  Look out!  Because even the most bitter opportunities will seem sweet.

This is also true in our spiritual lives.  We need to fill ourselves with the Word of God and with godly things.  Then we will not be enticed by the deceptively sweet things of this world.  If we deprive ourselves of time with the Lord and godly influences – we will be easily tricked into accepting the bitterness the world has to offer.

So, start your day well fed!