On a Mission


Jesus sent the disciples on a mission and His instructions were very clear.

Heal the sick.

Raise the dead.

Cleanse lepers.

Cast out demons.

Yet, just a short time after departing on their journey, they encounter a man with a sick son. And the result is puzzling.

I begged your disciples to cast out the spirit but they could not. Luke 9:40

I brought him to your disciples but they could not heal him. Matthew 17:16

Even the disciples are confused. “Why couldn’t we do it?” they asked Jesus. The answer was just as simple as the mission.

Because of their little faith.

A lack of faith will prevent us from fulfilling our God-given missions. Our ministries will be unfruitful. Our witnesses will be ineffective. Our spirits will be unsatisfied.

What is God calling you to do?

You are loved. ❤

What’s Your Story?

Just a couple days ago, we read about Jesus sending disciples to John in prison to tell what they had seen Jesus do and what they had heard Him say.

In today’s reading, we have Jesus telling the healed man to “go home and tell your friends what the Lord has done for you.”

We also have the woman in Luke 8 who wanted to slip away after her healing. Jesus, however, wouldn’t move on until she came forward and told her story.

Have you ever struggled with telling your testimony? Ever wondered what that even means? Think your story isn’t interesting enough or, perhaps, too interesting? Those are all thoughts from the enemy trying to keep you silent. Someone else needs to hear your story!

Luke 8:47 is a great outline for telling your own story. (Why she had touched Him and how He healed her.)

History + Healing = Testimony

What do you do with the Word?

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Everyone in this parable hears the Word. The difference comes in what happens next.

The first one doesn’t understand what they’ve heard. (This is where good, biblically sound teaching and preaching comes into play.)

The second one doesn’t accept it for themselves. (This is where we need to be praying and studying for ourselves so that we can hear God speak to us.)

The third one doesn’t cling to it when faced with the temptations and trials of the world. (This is where a community is helpful. We can encourage one another, hold one another accountable and be a source of support.)

The fourth understands it, accepts it and clings to it.

You are loved. ❤

The Power of Prayer and Testimony


In just the first week of being in the New Testament, we are seeing for the third time one person desperately pleading with Jesus on behalf of another.

First, we had people praying for Simon’s ill mother in law in Mark.

Then, in Luke, we had friends literally carrying their friend to Jesus – bearing the physical burden for someone who did not have the strength to carry himself to the healer.

Now, we have the centurion pleading with Jesus on behalf of his servant.


Also, in today’s reading, we have John asking his disciples (from prison) if Jesus was the one for whom they had been waiting. Jesus could have gone himself but he tells the disciples to go and tell what THEY had seen and heard.

People need to hear what we have seen God do in our lives and what we have learned.


Both of these (praying for others and sharing our testimonies) show that we are meant to live in community. We need one another!

Gospel living is “go and tell.”

More to Come


I had a former boss who always said, “Be kind to everyone because everyone’s having a hard time.”

And, no wonder. Scripture tells us that, in this world, there would be trials and suffering. Just in our little corner of the world, we have encountered death and pain in recent months.  It would be overwhelming, indeed, to focus only on those things. Perhaps that’s why Paul tells us to focus on things above.

Jesus promises plenty for those who are poor, joy for those who mourn, satisfaction for those who hunger and a seat at the table for those who have been excluded and rejected because of Him

It doesn’t end here, friends. There is so much goodness and glory awaiting those who love the Lord.

He who promised is faithful (Hebrews 10:23.)

“I never met a man who chose Christ and regretted it.” – Billy Graham