Luke 8:22-25 Three Truths About Life’s Storms

Luke 8:22-25

Three Truths About Life’s Storms

  1. A storm doesn’t mean that Jesus has left us.

Jesus was with the men in the boat the entire time (v 22).

• with his disciples
• let us go
• they set out

They were not alone even for a moment and, yet, verse 23 tells us that –

• they were in danger

Life with Jesus does not mean a life without danger. When we equate a life of faith with a life of ease – the storms of life surprise us. When we know that it is to be expected and that Jesus is with us – we pray instead of panic. We seek direction instead of sinking into despair.

2. A storm is a great time to remind ourselves of what we believe.

When fear begins to take over, Jesus asks the men (v 25), “Where is your faith?”

I don’t think this is a rebuke. I think it’s a reminder. It’s instructive to us – when in a storm – to preach the gospel to ourselves. Where is our faith? If it’s in our health, our possessions, or people – storms of life can knock us off our feet. If our faith is in Jesus – well – we are unshakable.

3. A storm must calm at his command.

Jesus awoke. He rebuked the wind and the waves. And they had to calm at his command because our storm must obey our savior. We must not give the storm more power in our lives than it actually has. Yes, there is danger. And, sometimes, destruction. But – at the mention of His name – it must go away.

You are not alone in your storm, friend. You are seen. You are loved. And you’re not alone.

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Luke 8:1-15 Four Kinds of Faith

Luke 8:1-15

What kind of faith do I desire in 2022?

  1. A Fatal Faith (v 5, 12)

This is a faith that never survives at all. It is offered the Word but doesn’t receive it, take it in, or hold it fast.

  1. A Falling Away Faith (v 6, 13)

This is a faith that receives God’s Word, but doesn’t go deeper. It lacks roots and is caught off guard when trials come.

👉This often occurs when we mistake a life of faith for a life of ease.

  1. A Fragile Faith (v 7, 14)

This is a faith that is overpowered and choked out by the cares (negatives) and the pleasures (positives) of life.

👉 This often occurs when we feed and tend to the things of life more than the things of the Lord.

  1. A Firm Faith (v 8, 15)

This is a faith that flourishes. It listens to God’s Word and holds fast to it. It’s a faith that bears fruit in every season. It grows and yields a hundredfold.

Happy New Year, friends. Whatever this year holds – God is already there.

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Luke 7:36-50 What the Sinful Woman Teaches Us

Luke 7:36-50

The sinful woman:

• was known in the city (v 37) – everyone knew her business and most judged her for it

• was a sinner (v 37) – the Pharisee knew it, Jesus knew it, she knew it

• was bold enough to enter the Pharisee’s house in order to be near Jesus (v 37) – what would I risk in order to be near him?

• was moved to tears in Jesus’ presence (v 38) – am I still moved by the presence of Jesus in my life?

• was seen by Jesus (v 44) – no sorrow, sin, or shame hides me from the One who loves me so.

• was forgiven of her many sins (v 47) – God has more forgiveness than I have guilt.

• was saved by faith (v 50) – every person ever saved since the beginning of time is saved the same way, through faith in Jesus.

• was given peace (v 50) – whatever our past, Jesus offers forgiveness and peace with the Father.

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Luke 7:11-17 Four Truths About Jesus

Luke 7:11-17

I love this passage so much!

Look at what we learn about Jesus:

• Jesus sees – in the midst of the crowd and chaos, the mourning and madness. Jesus saw the woman.

• Jesus has compassion – Jesus cares deeply for people. He is moved by our pain and has compassion on us.

• Jesus does not fear touching what society called unclean – and aren’t we all glad of that?

• Jesus has power to raise the dead – the grace has no hold on his children.

You are loved.

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Luke 7:1-10 A Life Well Lived

Luke 7:1-10

(verse 4-5)
What others said about the centurion:
• he is worthy
• he loves our nation
• he built our synagogue

(verse 6-8)
What the centurion said about himself:
• I am not worthy
• I know Jesus can heal
• I understand authority

(verse 9)
What Jesus said about the centurion:
• not even in Israel had he seen such faith

👉 Lord, help us live in such a way that others would speak of us as loving and generous and that you would marvel at our faith.

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