Revelation 2:18-29

Revelation 2:18-29

Thyratira was the smallest of the seven churches and yet, even so, the Lord still knew all that was taking place there (v 19).

Praises – the church had:

• love
• faith
• service
• patient endurance

And they had them in increasing measure – they were growing in these areas.

But the Lord had a serious critique for the church. They were being tolerant of false teaching which was leading people – God’s people – astray (v 20-21).

How often do we hear the word “tolerance” these days?

👉 What do we tolerate in the church these days that leads people astray? It’s definitely something to think about.

The Lord gave the false prophetess time to repent (v 21) because he is merciful.

But, when she did not, he sent tribulation (v 22) because he is also just.

👉 But – for those not led astray – for those who remain faithful to the end – they are promised:

• authority over the nations


• the morning star

👉 Why is it a big deal to receive the morning star? Jump ahead to Revelation 22:16 – go ahead. I’ll wait.
Do you see it?

The one who remains faithful to the end gets Jesus. Jesus told the small church – the one faithful in many ways – that they needed to stand up to the false teaching taking place. They needed to stand firm on the truth and – if they did – Jesus said, “You get me.”

Yes, Lord. Make it so.

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Revelation 2:12-17

Revelation 2:12-17

The third church, Pergamum, is now addressed.

👉 The church:

• dwelt where Satan’s throne is [it’s a very pagan area with many temples to false gods]

• some held fast to Christ’s name [despite living in the midst of such ungodliness believers, like Antipas, were still remaining faithful even unto death]

Some, however, were holding to false teachings associated with Balaam and the Nicolaitans. We saw in Revelation 2:6 what Jesus thought of the ways of the Nicolaitans.

👉 For those who conquer:

• some of the hidden manna [the true bread from heaven as opposed to the false teachings]

• a white stone [used in that time to indicate acquittal, victory, or invitation to a banquet]

• a new name [a name known only by God and the one to whom it is given]

👉 When we view Revelation – not as a mystery – but a message for us – and when we take it verse by verse – do you see how it isn’t as overwhelming as you may have thought?

You are loved. Happy Sunday.

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Revelation 2:8-11

Revelation 2:8-11

The church in Smyrna was the “poorest but the purest of the seven” (Trapp).

The Christians in Smyrna experienced terrible tribulation, poverty, and slander while living in one of the richest areas in Asia.

But, what the world saw as poverty, Jesus saw as wealth (v 9).

👉 Our faithfulness is of great value – it is precious to Jesus.

👉 Two Points About Tribulation:

• Unlike with the other churches, Jesus offered no critique of the church in Smyrna. No “if you would have done this or if you hadn’t done that maybe you wouldn’t be suffering now.”

It’s a reminder that suffering is not always an indicator of sin. We can be doing the right thing and suffer for it.

• Jesus said that some of them would be thrown into prison for ten days. There is some debate on whether this meant a literal ten days, or ten years, or some other amount of time.

The point is that there is a set time for tribulation to end. There will come a day when Jesus says, “No more.”

👉 Jesus’ Encouragement to the Suffering (v 10)

• do not fear

• be faithful

👉 The one who overcomes:

• will be given the crown of life (v 10)

• will not be hurt by the second death (v 11)

[ Bible study tip: look for comparisons and contrasts. I love how the concepts of poor and rich are highlighted in this passage. The Lord is always calling out our misconceptions about things. What the world calls poor – Jesus calls rich. ]

Happy Saturday, friends. You are so loved.

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Revelation 2:1-7

Revelation 2:1-7

Chapter two begins a section where we see praises and critiques of the seven churches. Remember, however, that these seven churches represent the Church as a whole. These are messages to all of us.

👉 Ephesus (v 2-4):

• they had toiled and endured
• they did not bear evil
• they could discern false teaching
• they had not grown weary


They had abandoned the love they had at first.

Their works were based on law, not love. Commitment, not compassion. Right actions with wrong attitudes.

How often do we do the same? We work, we serve, we keep doing the next right thing – but our hearts are cold, bitter, bored, and resentful?

Have we forgotten the “why” behind what we do? Have we abandoned the love we had at first and now just serve on autopilot?

👉 The Lord calls us to:

• remember [the passion for and priority placed on loving God and loving people]

• repent [confess that love has not been fueling our efforts and ask the Lord to reignite our hearts]

• return [do it like before – when people mattered more than programs and platforms and God got all the glory]

👉 If not – the Lord will remove the lamp stand – which we learned in chapter 1 represents the church itself. In other words, a church that isn’t built on love of God and love of neighbor will cease to be a church at all.

👉 But – if we remember, repent, and return – the reward is access to the tree of life (v 7). The tree of life has been cut off from man since Genesis 3:24.

Let’s lead lives of lavish love, friends.

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Revelation 1:9-20

Revelation 1:9-20

👉 John (v 9-11):

• our brother [a fellow believer]

• a partner in tribulation, kingdom, and patient endurance [someone who understood what we are experiencing and also where we are heading]

• was in exile because of his faith [understood persecution]

• surrounded by the Holy Spirit [experienced God’s presence in exile]

• given a message for believers [still had work to do even in exile and old age]

👉 Jesus (v 13-18):

• long robe with golden sash

• hair white like wool, snow

• eyes like a flame of fire

• feet like bronze

• voice like the roar of water

• seven stars in his right hand

• sharp, two edged sword in his mouth

• face like the sun

• first and the last

• the living one

• died and alive forever

• holds the keys to death and hades

👉 More sevens

• seven golden lamp stands = the seven churches

• seven stars = the angels of the seven churches

My favorite descriptor of Jesus in this passage is “a voice like the roar of water”. When I think of roaring water – like waves crashing on the shore – it’s peaceful and powerful all at the same time.

I love that we are given this reminder of who Jesus is before we are told of the things that are to come.

Before we are given a glimpse into the final days and what must take place – before our hearts are tempted to fear – before our minds are tempted to become overwhelmed – Jesus reminds us:

I am peace and I am power.

I am first and I am last.

I died and am now alive forever.

I hold the keys to death, hell, and the grave.

And, knowing these things, we can face the things to come confident and unafraid.

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