Proverbs 25: 10 Tips for Wise Living

Proverbs 25


  1. Live with humility (v 6-7).
  2. Live at peace when possible (v 9-10).
  3. Use wisdom in speech (v 11).
  4. Listen to wise counsel (v 12).
  5. Live with patience (v 15).
  6. Use tact (v 15).
  7. Live with self control (v 16,28).
  8. Use discernment (v 19).
  9. Love your enemy (v 21-22).
  10. Be steadfast in faith (v 26).

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

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Proverbs 24 Wisdom, Wisdom, Wisdom

Proverbs 24

There are many potential obstacles to living a righteous life. The flesh in us can make it difficult to live the way we desperately desire to live.

We must fight:

• envy (v 1-2)
• folly (v 8-9)
• weakness of character (v 10)
• temptations to gloat (v 16-17)
• worry (v 19)
• bad company (v 21)
• deception (v 28)

Mercy. We often get it wrong don’t we? There’s grace for that. Lots and lots of grace. But – how do we stop choosing those things?

The answer is far simpler than the problem.

• wisdom and understanding (v 3)
• knowledge (v 4)
• wisdom and knowledge (v 5)
• wise guidance / counselors (v 6)
• wisdom (v 14)

We must be wiser, friends. We must devour wisdom at every opportunity (v 13.) We must surround ourselves with wise people (v 6).

As the world spins a little faster and things seem a little crazier – this is not the time to grow lazy in our faith.

A little laziness (a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands)leads to a lot of loss (overgrown, covered, broken down) – v 30-33.

Let’s choose wisdom this week, friends. You are loved.

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Proverbs 22 How to Live in a Changing World

Proverbs 22

I asked someone just the other day, “How are our children supposed to live in a world that is more and more against the Lord and against those who follow Him?”

The answer is that they – and we – continue to live according to Scripture. The world changes – but the Word does not.


• with wisdom (v 3)
• with humility (v 4)
• with fear of the Lord (v 4)
• with generosity (v 9)
• with a pure heart (v 11)
• with gracious speech (v 11)
• with trust in the Lord (v 19)
• with financial wisdom (v 26-27)


  1. Hear it.

Don’t just skim over the familiar. Don’t avoid the unfamiliar. Truly read and hear each word.

  1. Apply it.

How can I take what I just read and use it today? What do I need to do or stop doing? What does this passage tell me about God and who I am in relation to him?

  1. Keep it.

I need to take what I read and keep it within me as I go about my day. Let it determine how I respond to disappointment or frustration. Let it calm my nerves and cool my temper.

  1. Speak it.

Let the Word of God dictate how I speak. Make my words gracious, kind, truthful, and wise.

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Proverbs 21: Obedience and Outcome

Proverbs 21

I think we worry the most when we don’t stay in our own lanes. When we want to do what only God can do. We want to – often – fail to do our part but still tell God how to do his part.

The horse is made ready for the day of battle… v 31

This is our part. We plan. We prepare. We make ready.

…but the victory belongs to the Lord.

Victory. That’s God’s part.

👉 Obedience is on us. Outcome is on him.

That is liberating, friends! God doesn’t ask us to solve all the problems, fix all the things, keep the sky from falling. He asks us to trust and obey.

Trust and obey
For there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus
But to trust and obey

When we obey – we will be blessed.

Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness… v 21

This is our part. To pursue righteousness and kindness.

…will find righteousness, life, and honor.

That’s his part.

👉 And, did you notice, he provides even more than we were pursuing? That’s just his way.

You are more loved than your mind can fathom.

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Proverbs 20 Three Questions for Today

Proverbs 20


1. Do we proclaim steadfast love without practicing steadfast love (v 6)?

If we are not living – in private – what we are posting – in public – then we are frauds. Worse than that, we are hypocrites. If we are teaching to our brother or sister what we are not practicing ourselves- it’s all for nothing.

2. Are we living in a way that will bring blessing to our children (v 7)?

Our children are blessed when they have parents who live righteously. The decisions we make, the way we treat others, our obedience to the Lord – it all affects our children after us.

3. Do we spend time with people who give wise counsel or who are careless with their words (v 18-19)?

If we became like the people we are around the most – would that be a good thing? OR – perhaps a better question – if the people who are around us the most became like us – would that be a good thing for them?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, y’all.

👉 Drop those emojis below and tell me – which question made you pause the longest?

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