Isaiah 31-32 Looking in All the Wrong Places

Isaiah 31-32

Here’s the question(s) of the day.

  1. Do we rely on the world (Egypt) or the Lord (v 31:1)?
  2. Do we look to men (Egyptians) or God (v 31:3)?

We all want the same things: peace, security, rest (v 32:17-18). The trouble is that we often look for them in all the wrong places (Johnny Lee, anyone?).

Isaiah was speaking to people who looked at appearances – many chariots and strong horsemen – and failed to look to and consult the Lord. And, as Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun.

What do we look to for peace and security and rest? Praise. Possessions. Popularity. Platforms.

Meanwhile, the Lord offers Himself as a hiding place, a shelter, a stream, and a shade. But we look everywhere else for the very things He offers.

Do you watch Shark Tank? Folks will often come into the room, ask for a specific investment, get offered that exact investment from one of the sharks, and still look to the other sharks thinking a better offer may come. They often leave empty handed.

We crave peace, security, and rest. God says, “I’ll give you exactly that (and SO much more).” Yet, we look to everything around us ignorantly thinking there are better offers awaiting us. As if God is lowballing us. Holding out. Gonna give us the ol’ bait and switch.

In God’s hand is all we need.





“Woe”, Isaiah said, “to those who look for these things elsewhere.”

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Hold On – Hope On

Tim Keller said that, in the face of doubt, he asks himself one question…

Does this thing (that I’m anxious/worried/discouraged about) mean that Jesus Christ didn’t raise from the dead?

His hope, you see, is in the resurrection alone.

If Christ has risen – so will we.

If illness makes me doubt the gospel – my hope was in health.

If financial hardship makes me doubt the gospel – my hope was in wealth.

If a person letting me down or doing me wrong makes me doubt the gospel – my hope was in man.

What is the thing that weighs on your heart? That makes you question? Causes you to wonder?

Does that thing mean that Jesus Christ did not raise from the dead?

The answer, sweet friends, is “no.”

And, so, we hold on as we hope on.

You are loved.

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Isaiah 29-30 This Day and That Day

Isaiah 29-30

As I’ve read Isaiah’s words for several day now regarding “that day” – can I just tell you that I long for it more and more?

In that day (v 29:18-24):

• the deaf shall hear

• the blind shall see

• the meek shall obtain FRESH joy

• the poor shall praise and rejoice

• there will be no more shame

• there will be no more confusion

• there will be no more complaining

What a day, glorious day, that will be…

But, as much as we long for that day, the reality is that we live in this one. What to do , what to do?

Oh wait, Isaiah had a word about that too.

Lord, what about when today is chaotic, uncertain, and a little scary? What about today?

“In returning and rest you shall be saved” (v 30:15)

👉 Repentance and rest – this is our job in times of burdens too large for us to bear.

Lord, what about how weak and ill equipped and weary I feel today? What about today?

“In quietness and in trust shall be your strength” (v 30:15).

👉 Our job is to be still – not to be in a frenzy. Our job is to trust – not fret.

I love that God tells us what to expect in that day but also how to endure in this day.

Whatever this day holds for us – our role is clear: repent, rest, be quiet, trust. And the Lord will not hide himself from us (v 30:20:21.)

Show yourself, Lord.

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Isaiah 27-28 That Day

Isaiah 27-28

What are we to do when today seems too hard? Too much? Too uncertain?

Isaiah reminds us of another day that is coming. When God will make everything right. When the pains of this life won’t even be a memory in the mind.

Whatever your hardship – as Tim Keller says – “Heaven will make amends for it all.”

Because – in THAT day:

• evil will be destroyed (27:1)
• the people will enjoy forever God’s presence, protection, and peace (27:5)
• those who have been scattered will be gathered back together (27:13)

In THAT day (28:5), the Lord will restore:

• our glory
• our beauty
• our spirit
• our strength

There is a quote in the book, Suffering is Never for Nothing, that I always come back to in difficult times.

👉 When we get to Heaven – the question will not be, “Why all the pain?” It will be, “What pain?”

Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

That day is coming, friends.

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Isaiah 26 Three Things You Can Do Today

Isaiah 26

A lot of our stress in life comes from trying to control what is God’s to control. Trying to fix it all. Make it happen. Change hearts.

It’s a burden that we have placed on our own backs.

Here’s how it works…

  1. We fix our thoughts on God and we trust Him (v 3).

Think about Him. Trust Him. ✔️

  1. We wait for Him (v 8 ).

Not worry. Not hurry. Not scurry.

Wait. ✔️

  1. We earnestly seek the Lord (v 9).

Not popularity. Not position. Not possessions.

We just want Him. ✔️

THEN… God can do in and for us what He desires to do in and for us.

  1. He gives perfect peace (v 3).

Not conditional. Not temporary.

Perfect peace. ❤️

  1. He will make our path level.

Not complicated. Not confusing.

He will clear the rubble. ❤️

  1. He will teach us the ways of righteousness (v 9).

Not confuse. Not condemn.

Teach. ❤️

Make it so in my life, Lord.

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