Psalm 53: Restoration

Psalm 53

I don’t know what you may have lost in this life. What I do know is that you’ve lost something. We all have.

In this life, you will have troubles. (John 16:33)

That is a fact and Jesus doesn’t sugarcoat it. But – his words immediately before that fact – are “in me you may have peace.”

Peace in the midst of trouble. Yes, please.

God also promises restoration. In this psalm, the psalmist declared that God will restore the fortunes of his people. In Joel 2:25, God says, “I will restore to you the years the locust has taken.”

What have you lost?

God restores.

I think of things I have lost in this life and the ache of it all can be overwhelming. I know you understand.

And I, in my limited human mind, can not understand what restoration will look like. How such loss can be made right. How I can be given back was the world has taken. How the years of pain can ever be redeemed.

But I know my God is faithful. And good. And trustworthy. So, if he says restoration is coming, I will prepare myself and wait with expectation to receive it.

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Psalm 52: God is Faithful

Psalm 52

David was certain of two things.

  1. The evil would be uprooted (vs 5.)
  2. The righteous would flourish (vs 8.)

He didn’t know all of the details. He didn’t know the timeline. He didn’t know what it would look like in his present situation.

What he did know was that God was faithful. And so he did three things.

  1. He trusted God (vs 8.)
  2. He thanked God (vs 9.)
  3. He waited on God (vs 9.)

👉 I will thank you forever because you have done it (vs 9.)

Do you see it? I will (future tense) thank you because you have (past tense) done it. Whatever you need – God has already handled it.

God knows what you need (Matthew 6:32.)

God knows how to take care of his children (2 Peter 2:9.)

God is committed to caring for you (Isaiah 46:4.)

Take a breath. Take a break.

God has you.

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Saturday Night Prayer

Lord, give me a faith that follows when I don’t know where the path may lead.

Lord, give me a heart that gives generously so that others may have what they need.

Lord, give me a humility that always honors others and seeks to lift them up.

Lord, give me a hunger and a thirst that drives me to you in order to fill my cup.

Lord, give me eyes that see your image in every person I cross paths with each day.

Lord, give me a steadfast spirit that is forever committed to you – come what may.

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Psalm 51: I Know Who I Am

Psalm 51

Does anyone else ever get sick of their own sin?

Their own selfishness. Their own weaknesses. Their own arrogance. Their own lack of faith.

David cried out, “Lord, I know who I am!” (My paraphrase of verse 3.)

And that would have been depressing news indeed except for one thing. He also knew who God was.

His sin did not move him beyond the reach of God’s grace.

His sin did not cancel out the steadfast love of God.

His sin could be blotted out, cleansed, and washed thoroughly until no shame or stain remained.

You see, dear friend, there is nothing we could offer up to God in way of remittance. Aren’t you glad that God desires repentance and not repayment?

When we turn from our sin, God gives joy and gladness. He places a clean heart within us and a renewed spirit that is steadfast in its commitment to him.

A life of repentance is a delight to the Father and a testimony of his grace to those around us.

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Say it With Cupcakes

Key lime cupcakes.

Y’all. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. These are amazing.

Get yourself some sister friends who bake you things. You won’t be sorry. Or be a sister friend who bakes things.

The body of a Christ is a beautiful thing.

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