Esther 6:1-14

Esther 6:1-14

Chapter five ended with Haman building the gallows at his house for Mordecai to be hanged. The scene now changes to the king in his bed unable to sleep (v 1).

[Reminder: look for God behind the scenes in the book of Esther.]

The king couldn’t sleep on this particular night and called for, of all things, the book of memorable deeds – the chronicles – to be read to him. As he was listening to his bedtime story, he was reminded that a man named Mordecai once saved his life. He decided that something must be done to honor this man.

Enter Haman who, upon hearing that there was someone the king desired to honor, naturally assumed it was him. [Prideful much?]

👉 What should be done for the man the king delights to honor – Haman’s ideas (v 6)?

• royal robes should be brought (v 8 )

• a horse that the king has ridden should be brought (v 8 )

• the king’s most noble official should dress the man in the robes and place the man on the horse (v 9)

• the official should lead the man through the streets proclaiming that the man is worthy of the king’s honor (v 9)

The king loved the idea and instructed Haman to be the official in the scenario and Mordecai to be the one being honored (v 10). Oh, the humiliation as Haman hurried back home after obeying the king’s command (v 12).

👉 Wise Words from a Wicked Woman

When Haman’s wife heard what happened – she said something very insightful. Remember, this was the woman who suggested that her husband build a gallows and hang Mordecai in their front yard.

“If Mordecai is of the Jewish people, you will not overcome him” (v 13).

Do you see it?

Zeresh, Haman’s wife, recognized God at work behind the scenes on behalf of his people!

👉 Whatever weapon the enemy has formed against you – even if it’s a gallows with your name on it built by the second most powerful person in the land – it won’t prosper (Isaiah 54:17).

If you belong to God – the enemy will not overcome you but will, instead, fall before you (v 13).

You are loved.

Esther 5:1-14

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Esther 5:1-14

This chapter is a picture of wisdom vs foolishness.

👉 Esther – Wisdom ( v 2-8 )

• won favor in the sight of others (in this case – the king)

• fasted for three days prior to approaching the king (recognized the seriousness of the situation and prayed first)

• approached the king with humility

• exercised patience and restraint

👉 Haman – Foolishness (v 9-14)

• easily angered – from joyful to filled with wrath in a moment

• prideful and boastful

• accepted counsel from the wrong people

• presumed to dictate the king’s decisions

👉 Lord, whatever we encounter today, help us to respond in wisdom with prayer, humility, and patience.

You, friends, are loved, chosen, and of infinite value to your heavenly Father.

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You are loved.


Esther 4:1-17

Esther 4:1-17

The word had gone out that, on a specific date, all of the Jews were to be killed. The devastation among the people was intense.

👉 Real People, Real Pain (v 1-4)

• tore his clothes
• sackcloth and ashes
• loud and bitter cries
• great mourning
• fasting, weeping, lamenting
• deeply distressed

Mordecai told Esther what was about to happen to her people and that she needed to go to the king in their behalf.

👉 The Law

To enter the king’s inner court without being first summoned could result in death (v 11).

👉 The Fear of Esther (v 11)

The king had not shown interest in Esther in thirty days indicating that her favor with him may have been fading. To approach him was possibly a death sentence.

👉 The Faith of Mordecai (v 14)

Mordecai believed that, with or without help from Esther, deliverance would happen for the Jews. But he also made it clear that the comforts of the palace would not protect Esther.

👉 The Fasting of the Jews (v 15-16)

At Esther’s request, all the Jews in Susa fasted for three days and three nights. This would have been an intense time of prayer across the land.

👉 The Fate of Esther (v 17)

She committed to go before the king at the end of the fast with the understanding that she may perish.

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