Psalm 87: This One is Mine

Psalm 87

One day, all of those who have placed their faith in Christ, will worship and dwell together. Those who were once far off will be counted among those who are called children of God.

Where Psalm 86 was a cry of “I belong to you, Lord” – Psalm 87 is the Lord confirming, “Yes, you belong to me.”

The Lord records as he registers the peoples, “This one was born here” (vs 6).

It doesn’t matter from where you’ve come , what you’ve done, what pit you were rescued from, what mistakes can never be undone.

When you repent and trust the gospel – God sees you and says, “This one was born here. She’s mine.”

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Psalm 86: Lord, I’m Yours

Psalm 86

I love how David began this psalm.

“Lord, I’m poor and I’m needy but I’m yours.”

Don’t you love that?

Lord, I’m weary and I’m weak but I’m yours.

Lord, I’m broken and I’m bitter but I’m yours.

Lord, I’m stressed and I’m scared but I’m yours.

Sweet friends, the Lord isn’t afraid of your feelings. You’re not too much for him. Not too needy. He can handle it.

Not only can he handle your feelings, he can also:

• hear you, answer you (vs 1)
• preserve you, save you (vs 2)
• be gracious to you (vs 3)
• gladden you (vs 4)
• listen to you (vs 6)
• teach you (vs 11)
• strengthen you (vs 16)
• show you favor (vs 17)

Don’t hold back. Pour your heart out. Cast your cares. Unload the burden. Cry out.

You belong to the Lord and he is willing and able to care for you.

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Psalm 85: The Lord Speaks Peace

Psalm 85

vs 8

Let me hear…

Because the Lord WILL speak…

And he will speak peace…

Those words were loud in my spirit this morning. So often I’m desperate to hear from the Lord and can’t understand why I can’t hear him. Or wonder how I am supposed to discern his voice from the world’s voice from my own voice.

This morning, I’m asking myself two questions.

  1. What can prevent me from hearing from the Lord?

• distraction
• unforgiveness
• busyness
• my own voice
• pain
• sin
• not being in the Word

  1. What will the Lord NOT speak to his people?

• chaos
• shame
• confusion
• anything contrary to Scripture
• rejection
• condemnation

The Lord will speak peace to his people – a peace that can penetrate our pain – if we will simply be still and listen.

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Bible Study Tips A to Z – “C”

Bible Study Tips A to Z

C – correction

Do you know that one of the purposes of Scripture is to correct us (2 Timothy 3:15)?

Oh, we embrace encouragement. Welcome wisdom. Covet comfort.

But, to study the Bible in all its fullness, we must learn to embrace correction. To ask the Lord to mold us into his image.

When we do, the correction of the Lord brings peace (Hebrews 12:11.)

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Psalm 84: A Roadmap of Reminders

Psalm 84

Have you ever experienced this longing deep in your soul for something more? Do you ever get to the end of the day and think, “There must be something else?”

I love this psalm because it reminds us that, as believers, we are all on a journey. We are not home and, so, there is this undefinable thing inside of us – this restlessness – to remind us that we are not yet there.

Psalm 84 is a bit like a roadmap of reminders for our journey.

• Our ultimate destination is the presence of the Lord (vs 1.)

• The longing in our souls is meant to spur us on (vs 2.)

• Scripture contains songs for the road – to uplift and encourage us (vs 2.)

• The Lord awaits our arrival and has a place prepared for us (vs 3.)

• The Lord provides strength for the journey (vs 5.)

• The Lord will bless those whose hearts are committed to the journey (vs 5.)

• As we travel, we are to bring life to barren places – light to dark places (vs 6.)

• We do not travel alone – they go, they make, they go (vs 6-7.)

• The destination is totally worth the journey (vs 10.)

• The Lord provides good things along the way (vs 11.)

There may be steep hills to climb
On we walk – one step at a time
Though valleys come – we march through
Knowing the road leads us to You

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