We Don’t Fear Bad News

Psalm 112 tells of several blessings which are bestowed upon the righteous. Let’s look specifically at verse 7.

“He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.”

There is a similar statement made about the righteous woman in Proverbs 31:25.

“She laughs at the time to come.” This is in contrast to those who would be anxious or fretful about what the future may hold.

The Lord is not unaware, uninterested, or uncaring regarding our circumstances. He is not too busy to bother, too weary to work, or too overwhelmed to operate on our behalf. He is still holding the whole world in His hands.

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6 Things To Do in a Day of Disaster

Same coffee cup. Same red pen. Same beautiful book.

Let’s look at 2 Chronicles 20:1-17. It’s really good.

It opens with Jehoshaphat being told that a mighty enemy is coming against him. Scripture tells us that Jehoshaphat was afraid (vs 3.) In response to his fear, he set his face to seek the Lord and is reminded of Who God is (vs 6) and what God has done (vs 7.)

With those things in mind, we are then given 6 things to do if disaster comes upon us (vs 9.)

  1. Stand before the Lord (vs 9.) When we are afraid – we go to the Lord. Not the news. Not our neighbor. We take our fear to our Father.
  2. We cry out to God (vs 9.) We pray. We don’t panic. We don’t post online. We don’t point fingers. We pray.
  3. We keep our eyes on God (vs 12.) We keep our gaze on things that are true. Scripture over social media.
  4. We do not allow fear to have a foothold (vs 15, 17.) We avoid things that trigger that feeling in us. Meditate on Scripture and not statistics.
  5. We stand firm in our faith (vs 17.) “A faith that fizzles before the finish was flawed at the first” (DL Moody.)
  6. Look for the Lord at work (vs 17.) God is always at work. He is not a spectator to our suffering. If we have a desire to see Him – we will see Him everywhere.

You are loved.

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What Happens When We Pray?

Why is it so vital that we pray during times of trouble?

If we focus on what we feel – what we see – the noise of the world – we will panic. We will fear. We will focus on all the wrong things.

Psalm 56 shows what happens when we pray.

Imagine that you’re feeling attacked, afraid, or abandoned (vs 1-6.) Imagine an enemy stirring up strife like it is his 9 to 5. The psalmist was in that place. But he didn’t stay there.

Watch the flow.

  1. I am afraid (vs 3.)
  2. This is why I am afraid (vs 5-7.)
  3. This is why I don’t need to be afraid (vs 8-9.)
  4. I am no longer afraid because of what I know (vs 11.)

When we pray, God speaks to us. He hears our fear and replaces it with faith. He senses our panic and swaps it for peace. He doesn’t ridicule us for being afraid. He says, “This is why you don’t need to be afraid.”

Don’t panic. Pray.

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6 Promises for Uncertain Days

Today, we are going old school Scripture. If you’re feeling a little uncertain – a little unsteady – a little unsure – Psalm 23 holds 6 precious promises for those who follow the Lord.

  1. The Lord promises provision (vs 1.) We shall not be “in want.” We shall not lack. Psalm 34:10 reiterates that those who seek the Lord “lack no good thing.”
  2. The Lord promises peace (vs 2.) Not panic. Not chaos. Not uncertainty. Peace. Isaiah 26:3 promises “perfect peace” for those who trust in Him.
  3. The Lord promises His presence (vs 4.) No matter the trial. No matter the devastation. We are never alone. He has promised to never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6.)
  4. The Lord promises His protection (vs 4.) The rod and staff were used for guidance and discipline, but also protection. Speaking to the Thessalonians, Paul told them that the Lord would “guard them against the evil one.”
  5. The Lord gives the promise of victory (vs 5.) The table referenced here is a celebratory meal. God will save His people from the enemy (Psalm 44:7.)
  6. The Lord promises paradise (vs 6.) This thing doesn’t end here. There is a glory that awaits us. Soon and very soon.

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Where to Turn in the Day of Trouble

Sometimes, we have idols in our lives and we don’t even realize it. Idols make us weary, make us work, and make us worry.

Isaiah 46 gives four clear distinctions between an idol and the one true God.

  1. God created His people (vs 3-4) but idols must be created (vs 6.)
  2. God carries His people (vs 4) but idols must be carried (vs 1.)
  3. God converses with His people (vs 3 & 12) but idols do not speak (vs 7.)
  4. God comes to the rescue of His people (vs 4 & 12) but idols can not save someone from his trouble.

Who (or what) are we trusting in during times of trial?

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