Genesis 10 Noah’s Family (The After the Ark Edition)

Genesis 10

Upon exiting the ark, the Lord told Noah and his sons to be fruitful and multiply – to increase greatly on the earth (Genesis 9:1, 7). And so they did.

👉 Japheth’s offspring become the coastland people (v 5).

👉 Ham has four sons named: Cush, Egypt, Put, Canaan.

  • We know Canaan was cursed due to Ham’s actions against his father, Noah.
  • Cush has a son, Nimrod, whose kingdom eventually includes Babel and Ninevah. Go to Jonah 1:2 to see what was happening in Ninevah.

👉 Shem’s people inhabit the area from Mesha to the hill country of the east (v 30).

Chapters like this one may not have some big inspiring takeaway in the moment. But, as you take note of names and places throughout the Bible, you will see God at work in people’s stories.

You’ll see promises fulfilled. Kingdoms rise and fall. God’s people persevere. A remnant that always remained. And the whisper of hope throughout the generations.

My husband said something yesterday in his sermon that really stood out to me in terms of Bible reading/studying/teaching.

“If you teach any passage and don’t get to Jesus – you missed the point.”

So, when you’re tempted to skim over a chapter or view it as unimportant because there isn’t a clear takeaway, just remember – it’s all leading to Jesus. Ask for eyes that are always looking for Him.

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Genesis 9 Two Ways to Respond When a Brother in Christ Stumbles

Genesis 9

This is the lesser known portion of Noah’s story – the one they don’t share in children’s church. The one where Noah gets drunk and naked (v 21).

It made me ask the question:

What are we prone to do when our brother or sister falls in some way?


  1. The Ham Method (v 22))

We see the fall. We attempt to shame or embarrass the person. We gossip and attempt to rally others to join our pearl clutching and tsk tsking.

  1. The Shem and Japheth Method (v 23)

We deal with the issue privately. We take steps to restore the person’s dignity. We do not delight in their shame. We “cover their nakedness.”

👉 Shem and Japheth dealt gently with their father in his failing. They covered his nakedness much like God covered Adam and Eve’s nakedness in the garden (Genesis 3:21).

Maybe it’s because I’m reading Gentle and Lowly for the third time but I believe that we are most like Christ when we deal gently with those who sin and those who suffer (and isn’t that all of us.)

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Genesis 8 God Remembered

Genesis 8

But God remembered Noah… (v 1)

That one phrase spoke to me this morning – God remembered Noah. Not in a “suddenly remembered” kind of way but in an “always remembered” kind of way. Noah was never forgotten not even for a moment.

When he was living righteously in a world that was continually wicked – God remembered Noah.

When he was building a boat in the middle of the desert and enduring mockery for doing it – God remembered Noah.

When he faithfully entered that boat and the rains fell and the waves rocked – God remembered Noah.

“Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb?

Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you.” (Isaiah 49:15)

When the world is wicked – God remembers you.

When friends are fickle – God remembers you.

When the situation is scary – God remembers you.

When the diagnosis is devastating – God remembers you.

When the rains rock the boat – God remembers you.

You are loved with an everlasting – never forgotten – never forsaken – never standing alone – kind of love.

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Genesis 5 Live Like Noah

Genesis 6

The world in Noah’s day? Let’s just take a look at it.

• folks followed their own desires (v 2)
• it was wicked (v 5)
• everyone had evil thoughts continually (v 5)
• it was corrupt (v 11)
• it was filled with violence (v 11)

No one could be expected to live a godly live in the midst of such mayhem, right? It’s every man for himself, right?

Then – there was Noah.

• found favor in the eyes of the Lord (v 8 )
• was righteous (v 9)
• walked with God (v 9)
• did all that God commanded him to do (v 22)

This chapter opened with us being told that the men did whatever they chose to do (v 2). And it closed with us knowing that Noah did whatever God told him to do (v 22).

What this tells me is that it is possible to live godly in a world that is anything but godly. It’s possible to walk with God in the midst of wickedness. And that God sees and rewards such righteousness.

It’s okay, friends, if we look absolutely nothing like the world around us. More than okay, actually.

Be different today.

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Genesis 5 The Power of a Godly Heritage

Genesis 5

When God Made Man:

• he made him in the likeness of God (v 1)
• he made them male and female (v 2)
• he blessed them (v 2)
• he named them (v 2)

But look what happened after sin entered the picture.

Adam fathered a son in HIS own likeness, after HIS image.

Adam’s son, Seth, was an image bearer of God and also carried the image and likeness of Adam (v 3).

👉 Isn’t that the case with each of us? Created in the image of God but also carrying the likeness of Adam? The struggle of faith vs flesh always going on within us?

I know I’m in the minority here – but I have an affection for lists of lineage in Scripture.

(v 6-29)

Adam 👉 Seth 👉 Enosh 👉 Kenan 👉 Mahalalel 👉 Jared 👉 Enoch 👉 Methuselah 👉 Lamech 👉 Noah

We know that Noah was righteous – apparently the only one on earth at the time. But I love that we are given just a little snippet into his heritage of faith in this chapter.

Of his great grandfather it is said, “Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him (v 24).”

Don’t we all have some questions for ol’ Enoch?

Don’t give up praying for your children. Your grandchildren. Your great grandchildren. Walk with God and pray in faith for future generations. You never know the power of a godly heritage.

Live like you’re loved. Because you are. ♥️

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