Proverbs 29 The Need for Self Control

Proverbs 29

First, we see characteristics of a fool.

• causes chaos (v 8 )
• is angry and rude in a disagreement (v 9)
• hates the upright (v 10)
• has no control over passions/emotions (v 11)

We have all, no doubt, been in the presence of such a person. Or, most likely, have been that person at some point in our lives.

BUT – what stood out to me was not the ways of the foolish. It was that there is more hope for the fool – the chaos creating, rude, hateful, let it all hang out person – than for the man hasty with his words (v 20).

Self control is a fruit of the Spirit. We need self control:

  • with our emotions (v 11)
  • with our words (v 20)
  • specifically with our anger (v 22)

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry (James 1:19).

Quick. Slow. Slow.

That is the rhythm of a godly life.

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Wednesday Word

But go your way till the end. And you shall rest and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days. Daniel 12:13

How have I never noticed this verse before?

The Lord has just revealed some troubling information regarding the end times. How the wicked would lead some astray. How some of the wise would stumble.

How do we make it through those times?

We just go our way.

We remain faithful.

We do the next right thing.

We don’t let go.

And, in the end, we shall rest and stand in the place reserved for us in glory.

Go your way till the end, friend. Don’t stop until you see Jesus.

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Proverbs 28 The Wicked and The Righteous

Proverbs 28


• always running
• bring inconsistency
• praise wickedness
• do not understand justice
• crooked in his ways
• companion of gluttons
• benefits financially from the poverty of others
• misleads the upright
• conceals his own transgressions
• hardens his heart
• greedy
• ignores the poor


• stand boldly
• bring stability
• fight wickedness
• understand justice completely
• walk with integrity
• keep the law
• generous to the poor
• blameless
• confesses and repents
• fears the Lord
• trusts the Lord
• gives to the poor

I love a good side-by-side chart. Which of these pairings of traits made you stop and think?

👉 Drop your favorite emoji below!

Only three proverbs left!

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Proverbs 27 Be Filled or Fooled

Proverbs 27

This feels like the Mondayest Tuesday ever – with the clouds and chill in the air. But we press on, right? When our hearts are a little wounded and our spirits are a little weary – we can bring it to the Lord and be welcomed into his presence.

It’s all I know to do really. I echo the words of Peter. “Where else would we go” (John 6:68)?

Proverbs 27:7 has been a favorite verse of mine for quite some time.

“One who is full loathes honey, but to one who is hungry everything bitter is sweet.”

When we go out into the day hungry – we lack wisdom and discernment. We aren’t as able to distinguish bitter from sweet.

👉 We need to be filled with the Word so that we aren’t fooled by the World.


  1. We can fool ourselves (v 1-2).

When we aren’t filled with the Word – we can become prideful. We can be tempted to boast about ourselves and our accomplishments forgetting that it is all because of the Lord at work in us and in our lives.

  1. We can be fooled by others (v 19).

Without the wisdom of the Word in us – we can be fooled by the appearances of others. We fail to recognize the lack of spiritual fruit.

Fill us, Lord.

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You are greatly loved.

Daniel felt shame (Daniel 9:8).

The Lord said, “You are greatly loved” (Daniel 9:23).


Daniel had no strength left in him (Daniel 10:8).

The Lord said, “You are greatly loved” (Daniel 10:11).


Daniel had no strength and was weak and weary to point that he felt unable to breathe (Daniel 10:17).

The Lord said, “You are greatly loved” (Daniel 10:19).


Are you dealing with shame?

Do you feel weak today?

Has life knocked the breath out of you?

The Lord greatly loves you. Rest in that truth today, sweet friends. And remind those around you, at every opportunity, that they are greatly loved as well. People need to know.

You are greatly loved.

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