Five Things Friday: My Five Favorite TV Commercials

It’s true. I have always had a thing for a good television commercial. I’m a fan of anything that makes me laugh. Who can’t use a good laugh at some random point in their day? So, here are a couple of my faves. Hopefully, you will get a little chuckle out of them.

Happy Halloween!

1. Honestly, if Kenny Rogers is in it, then I’m going to be watching it. Anyone who knows me knows that I have quite the crush on him. And if anyone mentions his obvious plastic surgery or hints that said surgery in any way affects his awesomeness, I’m not sure that our friendship can continue.

2.  I realize this is an oldie but, seriously y’all. I still laugh every time it comes on. She sounds hideous.

3.  I really want to live next door to this woman. How fun would that be?

4.  Oh, Beatrice. You off-line oversharer, you. You can overshare with me any ol’ time.

5. Finally, in honor of Halloween and because it is just. stinkin’. hilarious.

So, what is your favorite commercial?

Five Things Friday: 5 Coffee Mugs and What They Say About the Drinker

coffee cup1This has been my favorite coffee cup for almost 12 years. My husband bought it for me while we were on our honeymoon. It’s cute, isn’t it? This cup belongs to a person who has time to wrap two hands around a sweet little mug of something warm and leisurely sip its contents. The owner fills it up with tea because *gasp* she doesn’t even care for coffee. The owner is someone who can stay up as late as she wants because she can sleep in as late as she wants. This person showers every day and never shows up somewhere smelling like bodily fluids.

Ah, let’s all take a moment and remember those days.

Okay, let’s move on.


This cup belongs to someone who still enjoys a little pretty in her life. It has to coffee cup 2have a handle because there is always a baby on her hip and her hot beverage drinking for here ever after will have to be one handed. It is dainty and delicate because little hands are not yet reaching and grabbing and wreaking havoc. This cup says that she is a little busier than before but, still, completely in control.


coffee cup 3A year or two goes by and another kid or two joins the crew. The owner of this cup realizes that dainty doesn’t cut it. A sturdier cup is needed. It can still be cute but, for crying out loud, it needs to hold more of that precious caffeine. She has decided there is definitely something to this coffee thing and mocks people who drink tea.

This is the kind of cup that gets reheated multiple times and left in various places around the house. This cup becomes a friend. A confidant. A faithful sidekick in the midst of crying babies and potty training toddlers. Yes, the owner loves this cup.


Then, kids four and five arrive. There is no time for pretty or breakable or reheats or refills. This woman needs her coffee coffee cup 4ever warm and ever ready. It is the kind of cup a girl guzzles from because ain’t nobody got time for sippin’. She needs a cup that is as comfortable in the kitchen as it is in the car. It needs to go to the grocery store, to archery practice, to the park and to the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. Any port in a storm, baby.


coffee cup 5Then, the coffee drinker reaches a point where she no longer cares which cup she drinks out of anymore. Possibly, on a random Friday morning, her desk looks a little something like this.

As she sits down, maybe she notices a little cold, leftover coffee in yesterday’s cup. Perhaps she chugs it down before starting the new cup. Unless you think that’s really gross because, then, we will just pretend she doesn’t do that.

These coffee mugs belong to a master multitasker who can feed a baby with her left hand and drink her coffee with her right while teaching the four year old her ABCs and typing out a blog post about coffee cups. She plays La La Loopsies while doing the laundry and teaches division while changing diapers.

Never get between a woman and her coffee.


What does your coffee cup say about you?


Five Things Friday: 5 Things No One Told You About Motherhood

sophia2Motherhood. “It will be fun,” they said. People are full of information and advice when they meet someone about to embark on the motherhood journey. They tell you that it goes by quickly. They warn you that you will miss each stage when it’s over. They will tell you not to rock your baby to sleep. Then, they will tell you to rock her every chance you get. Folks will advise you to write down memories and make scrapbooks. Just for the record, all of those things are probably true. There are some things, however, that no one tells you about motherhood.

  1. You will learn to survive on cat naps and coffee.Sleep when the baby sleeps,” they say. Well, I am here to tell you that is a pipe dream. The second that sweet thing closes her eyes, you’re going to desperately attempt to clean the kitchen, brush your teeth, take a bite of some leftover pop tart, throw a load of laundry in the washer, pay the overdue electric bill and make bottles. You’ll be lucky if you get any of those things done. Personally, I would just make a cup of coffee.
  2. You will become intimately acquainted with bodily fluids and whatnot. These adorable, innocent creatures will poop in your bathtub, pee in your bed and spit up on your shoulder. You will catch vomit in any item within reach and wipe snotty noses with your bare hand. Have a weak stomach? Don’t worry. Motherhood will cure you of that.
  3. You will make a fool of yourself just to see them smile. You will dance like a wild woman at the gas pump to make the kids inside the car laugh. You will forget that your windows are tinted and no one else knows you have kids in the back seat. You will sing crazy loud to your kids favorite songs while driving down the road with the windows down. You will let them fix your hair and paint your nails and, then, you will proudly go out in public. Seriously, if you look like a hot mess but your kids are all smiling – rock on, mom. You’re doing a great job.
  4. You will find yourself cutting random foods into various shapes. Heart shaped sandwiches. Mickey Mouse pancakes. Flower ice shapesshaped fruit. You think it doesn’t make a difference? You think it’s a waste of time? Please refer back to number 3 and, then, go buy some cookie cutters. You’re going to need them. You think I’m kidding? Please see Exhibit A: snow cut into various shapes.
  5. Germs? What Germs? I’m going to save you a lot of stress and heartache. Are you ready? I’m going to pass on to you what a wise woman passed on to me. God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt. Don’t freak out when your toddler eats cheerios off of the kitchen floor. That is one less place you have to sweep. The five second rule is alive and well, y’all. I’m not saying your child should lick the floor at Walmart because, well, gross. Just don’t get in a tizzy when your child eats a little mulch at the park. It’ll hold them over until lunch time.

Motherhood. It really is fun.

You are loved.

Stacy 🙂


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Five Things Friday: 5 Summer Activities That Won’t Make You Sweat

It seems like only yesterday when people could think of nothing else to post on Facebook other than pictures of snow and some sort of comment about how cold they were. Now look at us all complaining about the sunshine and heat. {Oh, is that just me?} Maybe I’m just a little bitter about all of y’all posting photos of your feet in the sand and your little umbrella drinks by the pool. Meanwhile, I’m crazy pregnant and it’s blazing hot and walking from the kitchen to the living room makes me sweat.

rainI have a very full day, today, including grocery shopping and all manners of excitement. I also have a date planned with my eldest daughter who asked if we could go to Starbucks and Target. {Okay, if that’s what you want. I will force myself.} I also found out, yesterday, that this baby is coming 7 weeks from today. I had been planning on closer to 9 weeks and, so, I am suddenly in panic mode. I feel the need to clean things and buy things and what if I forget something. It’s like I’ve never done this before. {I have, by the way, done this before. Once or twice or four times before. Anywho.}

So, in the spirit of staying in the air conditioning, here are 5 Summer Activities That Won’t Make You Sweat.

  1. Play “get the sock.” All family members put on a pair of socks. Everyone gets on their hands and knees and tries to grab the socks off of everyone else. Last person wearing a sock wins. We have played this for years in our house and it is always a crowd pleaser. I would say that it will “knock your socks off,” but that would be corny.
  2. Play “who’s the killer.” Maybe it’s our love of all things crime and drama, but my husband and I are partial to this one. Everyone sits in a circle and draws a slip of paper from a bowl – one of which is marked with a “K” indicating that person is the killer. Everyone looks around the circle hoping to not make eye contact with the killer because, if he or she winks at you, you’re a goner. The one to figure out who the killer is before being killed wins.
  3. Put on a play / sock puppet show. My kids are all about making up a good story. So, they will spend quite some time making up their own play or show. Just make sure you have a comfy seat and a cup of coffee because, sometimes, these shows are quite long and complicated.
  4. Play in the rain. Oh, my kids love this. If you happen to get a nice steady rain – send the kids out to play. They laugh. They giggle. They dance. You sit inside where it’s dry and watch them through the sliding door while enjoying HGTV. {Maybe, I’m giving away too many of my secrets here.}
  5. Read a book as a family. Pick an old childhood favorite and have everyone read it together. If you pick one that has a movie, when everyone is finished, have a family movie/popcorn night. We just did this with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and it was great fun.

Okay, folks, I’ve got things to do. So, I’m off! Have a great Friday!