Jeremiah 32:1-44

Jeremiah 32:1-44

👉 Jeremiah is in prison and the people are headed into exile.

Things look bad. Dark. Grim. Dare I say – hopeless.

But listen to the promise of the Lord…

“Houses and fields and vineyards shall again be bought in this land.”

It doesn’t look that way now. And – even ten chapters from now – it won’t look that way.

The Lord promises an end to the exile. And there will be life and growth and fruitfulness – not in a new land – but in “this land.” The land that belonged to them. The land that they loved. Their land.

👉 And from a prison cell, Jeremiah prayed, “Ah, Lord God…”

  • you are creator
  • nothing is too hard for you
  • you are great and mighty
  • you are great in counsel
  • your eyes are open

👉 And God promised, “I will…”

  • gather them
  • bring them back
  • make them dwell in safety
  • give them one heart
  • make a covenant with them
  • not turn away
  • rejoice in doing them good
  • plant them in faithfulness
  • restore

I don’t know what your exile looks like. What dark place you find yourself. But – don’t forget what your God has said…

“I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?”

You are loved.

Jeremiah 31:1-40

Jeremiah 31:1-40

👉 Again… (v 4-5)

It’s a beautiful word here. The Lord promises the people that the consequences of their unfaithfulness would not last forever.

“Again,” he promises…

I will build you.

You will celebrate.

You will be fruitful.

👉 There shall be a day (someone wants to say “hallelujah” to that.) There shall be a day when…

  • the people will worship in Zion
  • the people will be gathered
  • they will walk by brooks of water
  • they will be radiant over the goodness of God
  • their life will be like a well watered garden
  • they shall languish no more
  • their mourning will be turned to joy
  • they will be satisfied

👉 Perhaps my favorite part of this chapter – the part that made my heart happy and my soul exclaim, “Won’t he just do it!” – was how God addressed his children.

In the middle of those “again” promises in verse 4 and again in verse 21 – God speaks to his people and says, “O virgin Israel…”

O virgin Israel…

How can that be?

Had his people not been unfaithful in Jeremiah 3? God said that they had “played the whore.” Now, that’s some strong language.

How can that be?

It’s the grace of God that makes all things new.

God knew all that they had done. All the ways they had dishonored him and themselves.

But he also knew what he had planned for them. He knew that “days were coming” (v 27, 31, 38) – good days. Days of hope and healing.

And he looked upon his people and said, “O virgin Israel.” ♥️

Happy sunny Monday, friends!

Jeremiah 30:1-24

Jeremiah 30:1-24

The people are living in exile. They are far from home. The comforts of their culture are nowhere in sight. They are strangers in a strange land. And it’s going to be a minute before anything changes.

But – the Lord continues to whisper words of hope and promise.

“Days are coming…,” he tells them.

O Jacob:

👉 Even Though

  • your guilt is great
  • your sins are flagrant

👉 Even So

  • I will restore
  • I will bring you back
  • you will be saved
  • I will raise up a king
  • do not be dismayed
  • you shall have quiet and peace
  • none shall make you afraid
  • I am with you
  • I will restore health to you
  • I will heal you
  • I will restore fortunes to you
  • I will have compassion
  • I will rebuild
  • there will be singing and celebration
  • I will multiply
  • I will be your God

👉 Don’t you love how the grace always outweighs the guilt with God?

You are loved.

Jeremiah 29:1-32

Jeremiah 29:1-32

👉 How to Live While in Exile

The people’s wicked ways and wrong choices have led them to a place of exile – far from the comforts of home – in a land that didn’t belong to them.

How could they possibly endure? How were they supposed to function in this foreign place?

  • they were to remember that the Lord was in control even in exile (v 4) – “to all the exiles whom I have sent into exile”
  • they were to anticipate a lengthy stay (v 5) – “build houses and live in them” – permanent dwellings and not tents
  • they were to experience growth and provision (v 5) – “plant gardens and eat their produce”
  • they were to experience joyous occasions – weddings and births – they were to multiply and not decrease while in exile (v 6) – “take wives and have sons and daughters…”
  • they were to pray for the peace and prosperity of the city (v 7) – “seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile”
  • they were to listen to the Lord and not false prophets (v 8 ) – “do not let the prophets and diviners deceive you”

👉 Where does the Lord have you right now?

Perhaps it’s a difficult place – one that you would rather not be in. Maybe you were hoping for a different town, a more exciting career, a more influential ministry, just something more.

What if we were just all in – right here – where the Lord has placed us in this moment?

What if we didn’t live with one eye on the exit?

What if we trusted that – even in this – the Lord was sovereign – in control?

What if we spent our time building, planting, multiplying, and praying?

I’ll tell you what will happen – the Lord will be faithful to his Word.

Maybe not in two years (like the false prophet told the people). It may be seventy years – because that’s what the Lord told the people (v 10).

But the Lord will (v 10-14):

  • visit his people
  • fulfill his promise to his people
  • hear his people
  • be found by his people
  • restore his people
  • and bring them back

You are SO loved.

Jeremiah 28:1-17

Jeremiah 28:1-17

There are two prophets: Jeremiah and Hananiah.

👉 Hananiah tells the people that their exile would be short lived. That they would return home within two years and all would be well.

👉 Jeremiah, however, tells the people that the Lord has given everything and everyone over to Nebuchadnezzar. He warns them that the Lord did not send Hananiah to them and – in fact – Hananiah would die for causing the people to trust in a lie.

How could the people recognize the true prophet?

Well, Hananiah does two months later.

So, there’s that.

👉 The message we want to hear is not always the one from the Lord.

Paul warns about this very thing in 2 Timothy when he says that people will no longer listen to sound doctrine but would pursue teachers who will tell them what they want to hear.

If we never feel correction or conviction by the messages we are receiving – we may have to ask if we have surrounded ourselves with false teachers who are content to tickle our ears without touching our hearts.

You are loved!

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