Joy Goes With Us

I’ve been pondering my last post – about how joy and grief can and do coexist. And, y’all, I came across the greatest verse this morning in Ecclesiastes 8:15.

“And I commend joy, for man has nothing better under the sun but to eat and drink and be joyful, FOR THIS will go with him in his toil through the days of his life that God has given him under the sun.”

The word commend here means to glory in or give praise for. What is he commending? Joy. Why? Because it goes with him in his toil!

Our joy is always present throughout all the days God gives us. The good ones. The hard ones. The confusing ones. The discouraging ones. The what-in-the-world-do-I-now ones.

There is always the joy of the Lord. Always joy.

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When Joy and Grief Coexist

Y’all, I’m all about 1 Peter these days. Something special stood out to me today as I focused on 1 Peter 1:6.

“You rejoice in this, even though now for a time, if necessary, you suffer grief in various trials.”

You rejoice 👉 present tense

Even though now 👉 present tense 👈 you suffer grief

The “in this” that Peter is saying we rejoice in refers to our salvation which he describes in the previous verse. Do you see it? Because of the hope we have in Christ, our inheritance that is being kept for us, and the promise of the resurrection – there will always be present tense joy even when there is also present tense grief.

Think of Job being told that all of his children are gone and instantly tearing his robe and shaving his head [signs of great mourning] and simultaneously falling to his knees in worship (Job 1:20.) Present tense mourning mingling with present tense worship.

Don’t feel guilty if you find moments of joy in the midst of grief. And don’t feel ashamed for experiencing grief as if it means you’re ungrateful for the joyful aspects of your life. The two – joy and grief – often coexist.

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Temporary Trials

Peter tells us that our trials are temporary, necessary, and purposeful. I know, I know. They don’t feel temporary and, if we’re honest, we don’t care if they’re necessary or purposeful in the moment. But that’s because we are so focused on the trial that it is all we see.

👉 Hold your phone or a book up to your face. Closer. Closer. Move it so close that it fills up your entire visual space.

That’s how we often walk through life during a difficult season. We can’t see anything or anyone else.

Peter invites us to take a step back and to view our current situation in light of eternity (1 Peter 5:10.) He begins and ends his letter of encouragement with a reminder that trials are temporary.

Does it feel that way? Probably not. And that is exactly why we need to be in God’s Word so that we can hear truth.

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Small Town Living

Small town.

Slow down.

Show up.

Shop local.

Serve your community.

Smile at your neighbor.

Share your gifts.

Swing on the front porch.

Sip sweet tea.

Study Scripture.

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Servants, Not Celebrities

People should look at us as servants. Too many Christians today want to be celebrities.

The world praises the one on the platform, while Christ calls us to be the one on our knees washing the feet of others.

It’s not easy to be a servant in a “serve me” world. But it’s the life we are called to live. To be a servant while exuding the fruit of the Spirit.

Not just a servant.

A loving servant. A joyful servant. A peaceful servant. A patient servant. A gentle servant. A kind servant. A faithful servant. A servant with self control.

May it be said of me, Lord.

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