Luke 9:23-27 Three Ds of Discipleship

Luke 9:23-27


  1. Denial

Let him deny himself…

Just like Jesus – not my will but thine. We no longer live for our own pleasures or desires. Our lives are not our own and we offer it all to be used for His glory.

  1. Discomfort

Take up his cross…

Crosses are not comfortable. Your cross may look different from mine but they all involve pain and struggle and death of some sort even if only of self. I’ve said it before. The only reason someone else’s cross looks lighter is because someone else is carrying it.

  1. Daily Choices

Take up his cross daily…

Every morning – we have to choose. Cling to comfort and follow the world or carry our cross and follow Jesus. We make the choice daily. The beauty of a daily choice is – if we made the wrong choice yesterday – we get the chance to choose again today. Let’s choose well.

Live like you’re loved.

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Luke 9:10-17 Jesus Satisfies the Weary

Luke 9:10-17

The apostles had been out among the villages healing and teaching. When they returned and told Jesus all that they had done – his response was to take them to a desolate place so they could be alone with him (v 12.)

But the crowds followed and stayed with them throughout the day. And, by dinner time, everyone was hungry.

The crowds represented need. Ministry. Physically and emotionally draining work.

The apostles’ response was: “Send them away” (v 12).

Jesus’ response was: “Have them sit down” (v 14).

Jesus then fed them all. I love that we are told that they ALL ate and were satisfied.

The apostles – weary from their serving – were satisfied.

The crowds – weary from their suffering – were satisfied.

This is important because you and I may find ourselves in either group depending on the day. One minute we are serving ourselves right into weariness. And – the next minute – we are weary with life’s suffering.

And – in both scenarios – only Jesus satisfies us. When we are weary, he invites us to withdraw and be with him (v 10). And when we are in need, he welcomes and teaches us (v 11).

Either way, at the feet of Jesus, we are fed and satisfied. We are strengthened for whatever awaits us.

Whatever has you weary this morning, Jesus welcomes you. He invites you to sit down and be satisfied.

You are loved.

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Luke 9:1-9 Reminders for the Road

Luke 9:1-9

The Twelve Apostles

• chosen and called by Jesus
• given power
• given authority
• given ability
• told to take no worldly goods
• instructed to not dwell on the negative

👉 As we live daily for Christ, our missions are very similar to that of the original twelve.

We are called by God.

We have the power and the authority of God – through the Holy Spirit – living within us.

We’ve each been given abilities specific to our mission.

We don’t need to focus on worldly goods. They can be tools for the task but we must never think the power comes from them.

We don’t need to dwell on the negative. People will reject us. We will make mistakes. But each day – we pick up our cross again and follow Jesus.

Happy Friday and stay warm. You are precious to God.

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Luke 8:40-56 An Official and an Outcast

Luke 8:40-56

• ruler of the synagogue
• desperate
• 12 yo only daughter dying

A woman:
• discharge of blood for 12 yrs
• desperate
• broke and broken

An official and an outcast. Both desperate. Both welcome at the feet of Jesus. Whoever comes will not be cast aside (John 6:37).

Then, this sentence…

Someone came to the ruler and said – “your daughter is dead; do not trouble the teacher anymore.”

👉 What voices (the world, the enemy, other people, ourselves) try to declare things dead in our lives and make us stop “troubling” Jesus?

We hear the whispers.

The situation is hopeless.

That person will never change.

Quit trying.

Give up.

Do not trouble the Teacher anymore.

Lies, my friend. All of it lies. Don’t stop going to Jesus. What the world calls dead may only be asleep and a word from Jesus makes things arise (v 54).

It’s a new day. And his blessings are new every morning. You are loved.

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Luke 8:26-39 How Much Has God Done for You?

Luke 8:26-39

Before Jesus (v 27-29)
• demons
• destitute
• death
• bound
• desperate

After Jesus (v 33-38)
• delivered
• seated
• clothed
• in his right mind
• at the feet of Jesus

👉 Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you (v 39).

Who were you before Jesus?

What is life like after meeting Jesus?

Someone needs to hear you declare how much God has done for you. ♥️

Stay warm, friends.

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