Matthew 7:1-20

Matthew 7:1-20

👉 Hypocrisy (v 1-5)

Some people think that to speak against a behavior you once did or an attitude that you once held is hypocrisy. That is not hypocrisy. That is sharing a lesson you have learned – probably the hard way – with someone else in an attempt to save them the same pain.

Hypocrisy – according to Jesus – is pointing out the sin in others while ignoring the sin in your own life. It is insisting others repent while seeing no need for repentance on your part.

Do we want God to use the same measure of judgement on us that we use on others?

👉 Asking, Seeking, Knocking (v 7-8 )

The Lord responds to and rewards his people. This is not a genie-in-a-bottle scenario. We do not get anything we want just because we asked for it.

This promise of response is after the instruction to pray “God’s will be done.” The order is important. He taught them to pray “Your will” before “Give us.” (Matthew 6:10-11)

👉 The Narrow Gate

  • the way is hard
  • few will find it
  • it leads to life

If you have ever thought, “What am I doing wrong? This is so hard.” Or “Why do I seem to be going a different direction than everyone else?”

It may be because you’re on the right road. Difficult does not mean bad. In the last year I have dealt with a situation that I have begged God to change because it’s “so hard.” Just this week, I felt him say to me, “That doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing. Keep moving forward.”

God is so patient with us, friends. He knows life is hard and that following him is the way of the cross. He will offer the sweetest and gentlest encouragement if you will just go to him.

Live like you’re loved. Because you are.

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