Matthew 6:16-34

Matthew 6:16-34

👉 Fasting

  • “when you fast” – the assumption that the disciples would fast
  • do not look gloomy like the hypocrites who want their fasting to be seen by others
  • fast in secret and your father will see and reward

👉 Treasures

  • treasures on earth can be destroyed and stolen
  • treasures in heaven can not be destroyed or stolen

👉 8 Reminders to Relieve Anxiety

  1. Trust in God’s ability and desire to provide for you.
  2. Know and believe in your value to God.
  3. Anxiety adds nothing to your life.
  4. Consider, think out, reason out, and look at the evidence of God’s faithfulness.
  5. Remember that God is aware of and already at work on your behalf in future situations.
  6. Don’t speak anxiously. Speak truth and gospel to your heart and mind when anxious feelings come. The feelings you feed will flourish.
  7. God knows what you need and it delights him to provide it.
  8. Focus on the eternal things and God will handle the earthly things.

God is for you. He isn’t mad at you. He isn’t cold or distant. God is crazy in love with you. You are the apple of his eye.

Happy Monday!

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