Matthew 6:9-15

Matthew 6:9-15

👉 Pray like this…

The disciples asked Jesus, “Teach us to pray.” He did not shake his head in disappointment. He didn’t ridicule them for needing to ask. I love Jesus’ simple response.

“Pray like this…”

  • our father – provider, protector, loving, kind, merciful, gracious, good
  • in heaven – above and reigning over all
  • hallowed be your name – holy, set apart, sacred
  • your kingdom come – your rule and reign, not my own
  • your will be done – your will and not my own
  • on earth as it is in heaven – reign in my heart like you reign in heaven
  • give us this day our daily bread – daily prayer for daily need, just give me what I need for today, one day at a time
  • and forgive us our debts – an acknowledgment that I need forgiveness
  • as we also have forgiven our debtors – I will be a person who forgives
  • and lead us not into temptation – lead me, Lord, and give me the courage and faith to follow
  • but deliver us from evil – deliver me from evils that I can’t even see or recognize

How many times have I said, “I’m just not great at praying”? Or heard someone else say, “I don’t know where to begin.”

The answer is simple. Whatever your background, education or church experience.

Pray like this.

You are loved.

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