Matthew 5:13-26

Matthew 5:13-26

👉 We are to be:

  • Salt of the earth (changes for the better, preservation, improves)
  • light of the world (reveals, illuminates, shows the way)

We are to take what we know to be true of God and make it known to those around us. We should seek to make the world around us better.

The ultimate goal: the glory of God (v 16)

👉 Regarding the Commandments

  • whoever relaxes the least of the commands and teaches others to do the same = least in the kingdom of heaven
  • whoever does them and teaches them = great in the kingdom of heaven

👉 The Seed of Murder

  • anger and insults
  • anger and murder = both liable to judgement

👉 Peace and Reconciliation Before Worship (v 21-24)

  • Stop
  • Go
  • Reconcile
  • Return

I think we often misunderstand what God views as important and what he desires of us. It is what is in our hearts and not our hands that concerns him.

If we show up to worship – if we show up to offer a sacrifice of our money or talents or time – if we show up to serve at every church function – but our hearts are not right, God is not impressed or pleased with us.

Jesus said, “Whatever you are offering – leave it at the altar. Go make peace with your brother and then come back.” That’s how important it is that God’s people live at peace with others (Hebrews 12:14).

We may just be surprised at all of the “offerings” that God rejected because we were harboring grudges, failing to forgive, being harsh and judgmental toward others, etc. at the time we offered them.

Go on out there today and be salt and light. ♥️

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  1. Stacey,
    You are so on this 80-year old nana’s wavelength! First read you in Open Windows and now am reading your Devotions for the Fall. Bought copies of your Devotions for Christmas to give the ladies’ class I teach. Thank you for your encouraging words 🙂

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