Jonah 2:1-10

Jonah 2:1-10

👉 “Then” Jonah prayed. ( v 1)

Not when he receives a Word he didn’t like. Not when he was running from the Lord. Not when he was in the midst of a terrible storm.

It took the belly of a great fish to get his attention. Only then, out of distress and darkness, did Jonah turn to the Lord.

God will do whatever he has to do to get our attention.

👉 “You cast me into the deep.” (v 3)

Jonah knew that – though it was the hands of the sailors that hurled him into the sea – it was God at work. God had cast him into the deep. But God had also already provided the great fish.

Later, in verse 6, Jonah said, “I went down but God brought me up.” And isn’t that all of our stories.

👉 When my life was fainting away (v 7)…

What do we do when all hope seems lost? We do what Jonah did. We remember the Lord and we pray.

👉 Salvation belongs to the Lord (v 9).

The theme of the book of Jonah. ♥️

You are loved.

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