Jonah 1:1-17

Jonah 1:1-17

👉 Jonah’s Assignment

  • arise
  • go to Nineveh
  • call out against that city

👉 Jonah’s Actions

  • rose
  • went to Joppa
  • got on a ship bound for Tarshish
  • paid the fair
  • went down into the ship

I often wake up my kids by saying, “Rise and shine.” And they often reply with, “I’ll rise but I’m not shining.” That’s what I thought of when I read this chapter.

“I’ll arise, but I’m not going to Ninevah.”

The ignorance that makes us think we can outsmart or outrun God.

👉 Disobedience is always a downward spiral.

  • went down to Joppa
  • went down into the ship
  • had gone down into the inner ship

👉 Hurled

  • the Lord hurled a great wind
  • they hurled the cargo
  • they hurled him into the sea

👉 What Jonah requested – Death

“Hurl me into the sea.”

👉 What Jonah received – Deliverance

“The Lord provided a great fish.”

Aren’t we glad the Lord doesn’t always give us what we think we want or need?!

👉 The storm and the fish were sent by God to save Jonah from himself and his own disobedience and to bring him back to the Lord.

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