2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

👉 The Thessalonians were:

  • shaken
  • alarmed


They were being told the Lord’s return had already taken place.

The source of the lie was unknown:

  • a spirit?
  • a spoken word?
  • a forged letter?

Paul’s response:

“Let no one deceive you.”

👉 The day will not come unless:

  • the rebellion comes first
  • the man of lawlessness is revealed

👉 The Man of Lawlessness

  • the son of destruction
  • opposes God
  • exalts himself against every god and object of worship
  • takes his seat in the temple of God
  • proclaims to be God
  • is currently being restrained
  • will be easily defeated when Jesus returns
  • Satan is behind him
  • powerful
  • false signs and wonders
  • wicked deception

God will allow those who refused to love the truth to believe what is false.

👉 Paul’s Encouragement to Believers

  • you are beloved by the Lord
  • you are chosen by God
  • you are sanctified by the spirit
  • stand firm
  • hold tight to what you were taught

We must know truth. The Thessalonians had been taught; Paul had already told them these things (v 5). Sometimes, we need a reminder, right?

Study Scripture.

Know it well.

Be so familiar with the truth of God that the lies of the enemy are glaringly obvious.

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