Numbers 22:1-41

Numbers 22:1-41

👉 The people of Israel:

  • camped in the plains of Moab
  • were many in number
  • caused the king of Moab to fear
  • seemed to “cover the face of the earth”
  • too mighty for the moabites

I love how God’s people appeared too many and too mighty in the eyes of their enemy.

This is very reminiscent of the children of Israel in Egypt. The people were enslaved by the new king because they appeared to be “too many and too mighty” (Exodus 1:9).

Anytime the Lord is with his people – they are too many and too mighty for the enemy. And – even now – when the Lord is with us – we are too many and too mighty for the enemy.

👉 Balak, the king of Moab, sends for Balaam, a pagan seer and requests a curse be placed on the people of Israel.

God tells Balaam, “Nope. Those people are blessed.”

👉 Balak sends for Balaam again with the same request, “Come and curse the people of Israel.”

God is not pleased that Balaam has come to him again with the same request but he allows him to go to Balak with the condition that he only does and says what God tells him.

[Spoiler alert: God’s word concerning his people doesn’t change.]

You are greatly loved by your Father in heaven. ♥️

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