Numbers 19:1-22

Numbers 19:1-22

πŸ‘‰ Recipe for Cleansing Ash

  • red heifer without defect
  • given to Eleazar the priest
  • slaughtered outside camp
  • Eleazar would sprinkle some of the blood toward the tent of meeting seven times
  • heifer shall be burned
  • cedar wood, hyssop, and scarlet yarn added to the fire
  • the priest (Eleazar) is unclean until evening
  • a man who is clean then gathers the ashes of the heifer and deposits them outside the camp in a clean place
  • the ashes are kept to be mixed with the water for impurity
  • this will be a sin offering
  • the one who gathered the ashes is unclean until evening

It’s a messy, multi person job – the dealing with sin thing.

πŸ‘‰ Dealing with Dead Bodies

  • whoever touches a dead body is unclean for seven days
  • shall cleanse with the ash/water on the third and seventh day
  • whoever does not cleanse himself is cut off from Israel
  • anyone who enters a tent where someone has died is unclean for seven days
  • anyone who touches a dead body in an open field is unclean for seven days

πŸ‘‰ The Use of the Ash Water

  • someone who is clean must sprinkle the water on the one who is unclean
  • the person who sprinkles the water will be unclean until evening

The sacrifice of all the β€œclean” people on behalf of the unclean – it’s such a beautiful picture of the sacrifice Christ made – the clean for the unclean.

You are loved.

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