Numbers 17:1-13

Numbers 17:1-13

The Lord had enough of the grumbling and decided to put a stop to it. He called for the chief of every tribe to bring their staff and leave it in the tent of meeting overnight.

The Lord would cause the staff of His chosen man to sprout and then everyone would know once and for all.

The next day, all the men go to the tent and find that – not only had Aaron’s staff sprouted – it had brought forth buds, produced blossoms, and bore ripe almonds.

The message was clear. “Quit grumbling against Moses and Aaron!”

The Lord then instructed Aaron’s staff to be left before the ark as a reminder to the people to stop their grumbling “lest they die.”

And the people seemed to finally get it. They are completely “undone” over their great sin of grumbling against the Lord.

I’m so glad we are done with the grumbling – that the people are now going to trust in the Lord’s provision and protection – no more questioning God’s plan…

To be continued…

👉 Today’s goal: Stop every grumbling thought…

  • why them
  • why not me
  • what are you doing
  • what if
  • wouldn’t it be better if

Replace them with grateful thoughts

  • even though
  • your will
  • thank you for

It’s not easy. For some of us – it’s a complete change of our normal thought patterns – an overhaul of what has become our default setting.

Look for the good.

It’s there because He is there. And He is good.

You are loved.

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