Numbers 14:1-45

Numbers 14:1-45

👉 All the people grumbled…

Here we go again with the grumbling. The people thought they were grumbling against Moses and Aaron (v 2). But the Lord said they were actually grumbling against him (v 27).

It reminded me of Acts 9. Saul was persecuting Christians and the Lord confronted him and asked, “Saul, why are you persecuting me?”

An attack against God’s children, whether physical or verbal, is an attack on God. He takes it personally and he gets personally involved. [I consider myself a calm, even tempered kind of girl. But – you mess with my kids – and all my crazy is going to come out to play. And God loves his children even more than I am capable of loving mine.]

👉 All the people questioned…

The whole congregation said, “Would it not be better…”

Isn’t this great? The people heard God’s plan and were like, “Okay, God, hear us out. We think we have a better idea.”

It’s funny because it’s familiar. How often do I look at my circumstances and say, “I hear what you’re saying, Lord, but wouldn’t it be better if…?”

👉 All the people doubted…

“How long will they not believe in me, in spite of all that I have done among them?”

How often am I prone to doubt even after all God has done? How quick to assume this may be the one time he doesn’t come through? That this may be the one miracle he can’t – or won’t – perform?

After all he has done…

👉 The people wanted to turn and run. They wanted to go back to Egypt – a place of bondage – bc they had convinced themselves that may just be better than going forward. It sounds ridiculous but – if we are honest – going forward can be a fearful thing.

Joshua and Caleb were terribly grieved at the thought and begged the people to not rebel against God.

“Do not fear,” they told the crowds, “because the Lord is with us.”

Their wisdom was not well received; the people wanted to stone them.

Whatever fearful thing you are facing – are you grumbling? Questioning? Doubting?

Or – like Joshua and Caleb – are you committed to fully following God?

You are loved.

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