Numbers 12:1-16

Numbers 12:1-16

👉 Miriam (Moses’s Sister) and Aaron (Moses’ Brother)

  • spoke against Moses
  • bc of his Cushite wife
  • questioned the authority of Moses
  • the Lord heard it

Much like the situation in Numbers 11:1, the Lord heard the complaining – this time in the form of personal attacks against Moses.

👉 The Lord Described Moses ♥️

  • my servant
  • faithful in all things
  • spoke with the Lord face to face, clearly, not in riddles
  • saw the form of the Lord

Think of all the dreams and visions in the Old Testament when people had to seek out others to interpret or explain. Or the parables in the New Testament when even the disciples needed Jesus to help them understand.

Not so with Moses. He heard the Lord clearly. He spoke with the Lord like a man speaks with a friend (Exodus 33:11).

👉 God called Miriam and Aaron forward and told them, “Moses has seen me in a way no one else has ever seen me. He has heard me in a way no one else has ever heard me.”

Then – possibly the scariest question ever asked – “Why were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?”

Once again, the Lord heard the complaining and the grumbling and the criticizing. He heard it when the people were complaining about meat and he heard it when Miriam and Aaron were speaking unwarranted criticisms against Moses. And he came down to take care of business.

Miriam was struck with leprosy. Aaron confessed that they had acted foolishly and sinned. He asked Moses for mercy. Moses cried to the Lord on behalf of his sister and she was healed.

  1. We should be very careful about who we feel comfortable speaking against.
  2. We can trust the Lord to defend us when we are the ones being spoken against.

Happy Sunday, sweet friends.

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