Numbers 10:1-36

Numbers 10:1-36

👉 The Lord spoke to Moses (v 1)

👉 Two Silver Trumpets

  • made of hammered work
  • for summoning the congregation
  • for breaking camp
  • both are blown to gather the whole congregation
  • one is blown to gather just the chiefs
  • short, alarm type blasts are the the call to set out
  • one long blast is the call to assemble
  • the trumpet was the sound of war and of worship

👉 Israel Leaves Sinai

The people had been in Sinai for almost a year. They have been receiving the rules, finding out how to set up and break down camp, learning when to go and when to stay – all the things.

Now – the cloud lifts – the ark moves – and the people set out as they have been commanded to do. This is what they have trained for, people. Moses sets out with all the false hope of a parent at the beginning of a long road trip with littles.

The camps set out just like they have been commanded. I love that the presence of the Lord – the ark – goes before the people seeking a resting place for them. Even before the people have begun the journey – the Lord is preparing a resting place for them. That is the kindness of the Lord.

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