Numbers 5:1-31

Numbers 5:1-31

πŸ‘‰ The Lord is still speaking to Moses.

  • v 1, 5, 11

πŸ‘‰ Some Camp Rules

  1. The unclean remain outside of camp.
  • leprous
  • those with a discharge
  • any who come in contact w/ the dead
  1. There is a process for those who have wronged others.
  • confession
  • restitution
  1. What is to be done with a woman thought to have committed adultery?
  • she is to be brought before the priest
  • husband will offer appropriate offering
  • she will drink bitter water
  • the drinking of the water (and her response) will reveal her guilt or innocence

πŸ‘‰ There is something comforting about the orderliness of God.

The people knew how to set up camp. They knew how to approach him for worship. They knew what to do with the unclean. They were given a process for confession and reconciliation among neighbors. And they were given steps to take when dealing with issues within a marriage.

It’s a reminder that God’s Word has something to say about any issue we may deal with in our lives. Ancient wisdom is still applicable to contemporary issues.

You are loved. β™₯️

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