Jeremiah 51:1-64

Jeremiah 51:1-64

This, my friends, is a good chapter. I encourage you to read it more than once. Take it in. Ask the Lord to reveal himself to you.

👉 The Lord tells of the coming destruction of Babylon. The enemy is about to fall all around them because Israel has not been forsaken by their God (v 1-5).

👉 The people of God do not need to fear the destruction around them (v 45-46) because their God (v 15-16, 19):

  • made the earth
  • established the world
  • stretched the heavens
  • makes mist rise
  • brings lightening and wind
  • is Jacob’s portion
  • formed all things
  • is Lord of hosts

👉 Those who choose idols over God (v 17-18):

  • are stupid
  • have no knowledge
  • are put to shame
  • have false images
  • have idols with no breath
  • have worthless idols
  • delusional
  • will perish

👉 A verse that I have come back to time after time…

Remember the Lord from far away, and let Jerusalem come into your mind. (v 50)

Remember the Lord and think of home.

That’s what he was telling the people. Jerusalem was home for the people of Israel. For us – it’s heaven.

When troubles find you – remember the Lord and think of home.

When the ground beneath your feet seems to give way – remember the Lord and think of home.

When uncertainty surrounds you – remember the Lord and think of home.

Remember who your God is and fill your heart with thoughts of heaven.

You are loved.

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