Jeremiah 50:1-46

Jeremiah 50:1-46

It’s been a long journey for the people of God. They have failed and fallen. They have chased and chosen the wrong things. They have felt the sting of pain and punishment.

👉 The people

  • joined together
  • sought the Lord
  • asked for the way to Zion

And you know what the Lord did?

He pardoned them (v 20). Because that’s who he is – a good and gracious and pardoning God.

[Lest we think that the people were responsible for their present turn of circumstances – I would encourage you to revisit chapter 30 where God promised the restoration of Israel and Judah when they were still very much in the midst of their exile. This is a God thing.]

👉 How do we know that it’s God’s greatness and not the people’s goodness that sets them free?

Because the people are oppressed and held captive (v 33). Oppressed captives in the hands of the enemy don’t have the luxury of choosing to one day be free.

In fact, verse 33 says that the people were held fast and the enemy refused to let them go.



Held fast.

The enemy refused to let go.

That is someone’s (or someone you love’s) current situation and it probably looks pretty hopeless.

Here’s the good news.

It doesn’t say, “but thankfully the people found a way out.”

It doesn’t say, “the people were finally good enough to be released.”

The people were in a (seemingly) hopeless, bleak, never ending darkness – but, we are reminded in verse 34…

Their Redeemer is strong.

The Lord of hosts is his name.

He will plead their cause.

If that didn’t just send goosebumps up and down your arms and all the way to your heart – read it again.

Whatever you’re dealing with. Whatever hopeless situation. Whatever soul deep suffering. Whatever deep darkness. If the enemy has you held fast and refuses to let go.

Be reminded, dear friend, that your Redeemer is strong.

And when he sets his people free – the enemy does not have the luxury of disobeying.

👉 “Who is like me,” the Lord asks his people (v 44).

Absolutely no one.

Your Redeemer is strong.

And he is for you.

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