Jeremiah 49:1-39

Jeremiah 49:1-39

[We are almost through the book of Jeremiah. This is the 22nd book we have journaled together. And we have been doing this for – wait for it – three years!

What a blast it has been!]

In this chapter – we have some judgements on various nations.

👉 Judgement on Ammon (v 1-6)

  • shall become desolate
  • villages burned
  • called to mourn
  • trusted in treasures
  • terror will come
  • God will restore

👉 Judgement on Edom (v 7-22)

  • calamity and punishment
  • stripped bear
  • no hiding place or protection
  • made small among the nations
  • deceived by their pride

👉 Judgement on Damascus (v 23-27)

  • heard bad news
  • troubled
  • panic, anguish, sorrow
  • no defenders
  • strongholds devoured

👉 Judgement on Kedar/Hazor (v 28-33)

  • all their goods taken
  • terror on every side
  • an everlasting waste

👉 Judgement on Elam (v 34-39)

  • will break the bow of their night
  • no place for the people to go
  • disaster
  • consumed by the Lord
  • will be restored

We can trust the Lord to take care of business, friends. Not one attack against his people is unnoticed. It may not be on our timeline – but we don’t have to worry that any evil will go unpunished.

Ah, but the last verse…restoration. Future hope for the Gentiles.

It’s a perfect picture of God – judgement and mercy all mixed together.

You are loved.

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