Jeremiah 48:1-47

Jeremiah 48:1-47

A Message to Moab

πŸ‘‰ Current state of affairs (v 1-5)

  • shame
  • broken down
  • cut off
  • desolation and destruction
  • destroyed
  • weeping
  • distress

πŸ‘‰ Why? (v 6-30)

  • they trusted in their works
  • they trusted in their treasures
  • they had become complacent
  • lazy in the work of the Lord
  • magnified themselves
  • looked down on Israel
  • pride and arrogance
  • haughtiness of heart
  • insolence
  • false boasting and deeds
  • sacrifices to false gods

πŸ‘‰ A huge consequence of living this way? (v 33)

No joy.

β€œJoy had been taken away.”

β€œNo one treads with shouts of joy.”

β€œThe shouting is not the shout of joy.”

πŸ‘‰ Yet… (v 47)

The Lord leaves them with a word of hope.

β€œI will restore…”

God is a restoring God.

He is a God of hope.

Happy Saturday, friends. β™₯️

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