Jeremiah 46:1-28

Jeremiah 46:1-28

Two Messages

👉 Message to Egypt

  • prepare, advance, take your place, put on your armor
  • they will be dismayed, turned back, and beaten down
  • the nations will hear of their shame

👉 Message to Jacob / Israel

  • stand ready, be prepared
  • the sword will devour around you
  • prepare baggage for exile
  • punishment is coming doe Pharaoh and all who trust in him
  • Jacob / Israel do not need to fear or be dismayed
  • the Lord will save them
  • they shall have quiet and peace
  • the Lord will punish but not make a full end of them

👉 Here’s the thing. The enemy can prepare. He can advance. He can take his place and put on his armor.

But he can never be victorious.

He is an already defeated foe. He can get some punches in for sure – but he can’t win this war.

God’s message to his people?

Stand ready.

Be prepared.

Do not fear.

The Lord will save you.

Are you in the middle of a battle? We are all fighting but some of us are presently at the forefront of it. Maybe it’s a health issue or a financial issue. Maybe it’s worry or fear of the future.

Whatever it is – the enemy wants you to think that he is stronger than you. At the minimum – he wants you to think it’s a fair fight. Anyone’s game. But it isn’t.

The Lord has already won on your behalf.

Just stand ready; study Scripture.

Be prepared; be prayed up.

Do not fear; have faith.

The Lord will save you.

You are loved.

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