Jeremiah 43:1-13

Jeremiah 43:1-13

👉 Full disclosure? I almost didn’t post chapter 43 and just jumped to the next one because there “just wasn’t much there.” 😂 And – yes – I do see the obnoxious arrogance that would say, “Lord, I know that you saw the importance of these 13 verses but I’m not seeing it.” 😆

All that to say – if I don’t “get anything” from a passage – it’s ALWAYS a “me” problem. Sure, some passages are fuller and have more takeaways. But “all Scripture is God breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). It’s “all” useful.

👉 So, a Bible study tip that I often use in my own study? Pause. Pray. Read it again.

👉 Azarías, Johanan, and all the insolent men:

  • accused Jeremiah of lying to them
  • did not obey the voice of the Lord
  • took all the people to Egypt

Now – what had the Lord told the people would happen if they went to Egypt? I’ll wait while you look at chapter 42 (or look in my previous post).

👉 The Lord did exactly what he said he would do. The consequences were exactly what he said they would be: famine, pestilence, sword.

The Lord will be true to his Word. We like that when his Word is one of blessing. But what about when it is one of warning or correction? Guess what – he’s still going to be faithful to it.

Have a great day, friends! ♥️

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