Jeremiah 41:1-18

Jeremiah 41:1-18

👉 Ishmael’s Betrayal (v 1-3)

  • of the royal family
  • chief officer of the king
  • ate bread with Gedaliah
  • killed Gedaliah and all with him

Ugh. There we have it. Johanan had been telling the truth.

👉 The Next Day (v 4-10)

  • Ishmael kills more people
  • the dead are thrown in a cistern
  • ten men are allowed to live
  • those not killed are taken captive

👉 Johanan (v 11-18)

  • had warned Gedaliah about Ishmael
  • heard about what now happened
  • took men and went after Ishmael
  • the captives are freed
  • Ishmael escapes
  • Johanan hides near Bethlehem

This is some serious drama, y’all. If we read Scripture and find it boring – we are missing it. These are real people with real stories and – if their stories are recorded in Scripture – there is a reason.

What is going to happen to Johanan?

Stay tuned… (or keep reading 😉).

Happy Wednesday.

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