Jeremiah 38:1-28

Jeremiah 38:1-28

👉 The Officials (v 1-6):

  • heard Jeremiah’s message
  • went to King Zedekiah
  • demanded Jeremiah’s death
  • cast Jeremiah into a cistern to die

👉 King Zedekiah (v 5-24):

  • refused to stand up to the officials
  • quickly approved the rescue of Jeremiah from the cistern but still kept him in prison
  • made secret promises to Jeremiah
  • lived in fear of being given to the enemy
  • told Jeremiah to lie to the officials if questioned

👉 Jeremiah (v 6-28):

  • cast into cistern to die
  • rescued from the cistern by ebed-melech
  • gave Zedekiah the msg from the Lord
  • lies to the officials regarding his talk with the king
  • remained imprisoned until the day Jerusalem was taken

👉 Ebed-Melech (v 8-13):

  • brave (especially in contrast to King Zedekiah)

King Zedekiah lived in fear – absolute terror – of being captured by the enemy. He did not think Jeremiah deserved death but would not publicly oppose the officials.

Much like Pilate trying to remain neutral and wash his hands of the whole trial as it related to Jesus.

Here’s the problem. There is no neutral ground. We are either for good or for evil. Christ followers don’t have the luxury of remaining neutral because the enemy is most certainly not neutral.

Stand firm, friends. You are loved.

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