Jeremiah 36:1-32

Jeremiah 36:1-32

👉 Jeremiah is to write a warning to the people on a scroll and have it read to them. This is yet another chance for the people to turn from their evil ways.

God is patient with his people. So very patient.

👉 Baruch was Jeremiah’s friend and partner in ministry. He helped with buying the field mentioned in chapter 32. And now he writes Jeremiah’s message on a scroll, takes it, and reads it in the house of the Lord.

There are many people like him in Scripture – the faithful friends and behind the scenes servants – like Titus delivering Paul’s letters or Joseph of Arimathea removing Christ’s body from the cross.

👉 I don’t know what your behind the scenes service is – that thing you do or experience or endure that you think is unnoticed.

I promise you that God sees. He sees and honors and rewards the faithful. The praise of heaven is worth far more than the fickle applause of man.

Carry on in your good work. Carry on though no man praise you. Carry on though the path is painful. Carry on to the end. Jesus is worth it.

You are loved. ♥️

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