Jeremiah 33:1-26

Jeremiah 33:1-26

👉 God is about to promise some amazing things.

He tells the people that he will:

  • take a place of waste and make it a place of worship (v 10-11)

[Now – that will preach right there. It’s a whole message all by itself. Only God, y’all, can take a place of devastation and waste and make it a place of celebration and worship. I don’t know what your waste place is right now – that place in your heart or home that just seems empty – but the Lord can make it all brand new.]

  • once again fill the land with peace and prosperity (v 12)
  • bring restoration and mercy (v 26)

👉 And here is my favorite part.

Before God declares all of these things – he first reminds them of who he is and what he has already done.

Thus says the Lord…

who made the earth.

who formed it and established it.

whose name is the Lord.

who is the God of Israel.

👉 I don’t know your current struggle. I don’t know what place of waste you find yourself.

But I know who God is and I know what he is capable of doing for you.

I know he can turn waste into worship.

I know he can turn pain into peace and prosperity.

I know that – in him – restoration and mercy are found.

Because he is God and nothing is too difficult for him.

You are loved.

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