Jeremiah 31:1-40

Jeremiah 31:1-40

👉 Again… (v 4-5)

It’s a beautiful word here. The Lord promises the people that the consequences of their unfaithfulness would not last forever.

“Again,” he promises…

I will build you.

You will celebrate.

You will be fruitful.

👉 There shall be a day (someone wants to say “hallelujah” to that.) There shall be a day when…

  • the people will worship in Zion
  • the people will be gathered
  • they will walk by brooks of water
  • they will be radiant over the goodness of God
  • their life will be like a well watered garden
  • they shall languish no more
  • their mourning will be turned to joy
  • they will be satisfied

👉 Perhaps my favorite part of this chapter – the part that made my heart happy and my soul exclaim, “Won’t he just do it!” – was how God addressed his children.

In the middle of those “again” promises in verse 4 and again in verse 21 – God speaks to his people and says, “O virgin Israel…”

O virgin Israel…

How can that be?

Had his people not been unfaithful in Jeremiah 3? God said that they had “played the whore.” Now, that’s some strong language.

How can that be?

It’s the grace of God that makes all things new.

God knew all that they had done. All the ways they had dishonored him and themselves.

But he also knew what he had planned for them. He knew that “days were coming” (v 27, 31, 38) – good days. Days of hope and healing.

And he looked upon his people and said, “O virgin Israel.” ♥️

Happy sunny Monday, friends!

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