Jeremiah 30:1-24

Jeremiah 30:1-24

The people are living in exile. They are far from home. The comforts of their culture are nowhere in sight. They are strangers in a strange land. And it’s going to be a minute before anything changes.

But – the Lord continues to whisper words of hope and promise.

“Days are coming…,” he tells them.

O Jacob:

👉 Even Though

  • your guilt is great
  • your sins are flagrant

👉 Even So

  • I will restore
  • I will bring you back
  • you will be saved
  • I will raise up a king
  • do not be dismayed
  • you shall have quiet and peace
  • none shall make you afraid
  • I am with you
  • I will restore health to you
  • I will heal you
  • I will restore fortunes to you
  • I will have compassion
  • I will rebuild
  • there will be singing and celebration
  • I will multiply
  • I will be your God

👉 Don’t you love how the grace always outweighs the guilt with God?

You are loved.

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