Jeremiah 25:1-38

Jeremiah 25:1-38

Just because we can sit and read a portion of Scripture in a couple days or weeks – that doesn’t mean that’s how long it took the events to actually transpire. So I love when we are given details like we are in verse 3 of this chapter.

Jeremiah had been warning the people for twenty three years.

The Lord spoke persistently (v 3-4) to the people but they just would not listen. And there would be consequences for their refusal to obey.

  • the Lord brought their enemies against them.
  • there would be destruction and desolation
  • the voice of mirth and gladness banished
  • the voice of the bridegroom and bride banished
  • no more grinding of millstone and lighting of lamps
  • the land would become a ruin
  • the people would serve Babylon for 70 years
  • the people would be forced to drink the cup of God’s wrath
  • no one would be spared
  • wrath, anger, sword, clamor, judgement, disaster were coming

The Lord does not take disobedience lightly. When we hear His Word and choose to not listen – there are consequences.

And – yet – because the Lord longs to be gracious – we see in the next chapter that he gives the people another opportunity to make better choices.

I wonder what they do…

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