Jeremiah 24:1-10

Jeremiah 24:1-10

Jeremiah is given a vision from the Lord regarding two baskets of figs: very good figs and very bad figs.

[This is a great opportunity to use those list making skills when studying Scripture.]

👉 The Good Figs

  • like first fruits
  • like the exiles from Judah
  • the Lord has set his eye on them for good
  • the Lord will bring them back and build them up
  • the Lord will plant them
  • they will be given a heart to know that he is the Lord
  • they will be his people
  • they shall return to the Lord with their whole hearts

👉 The Bad Figs

  • could not be eaten
  • like those who fled to Egypt
  • a horror, a reproach, a byword
  • a curse everywhere they go
  • the Lord will send sword, famine
  • they will be destroyed

👉 Here’s the thing.

The goodness of the Lord was going to follow His people into exile. Yes, they disobeyed. Yes, there were consequences. But his goodness followed them.

His eye was on them and he had good things planned for them.

Likewise, the judgement of the Lord was going to find the disobedient folks whether they hunkered down where they were or fled all the way to Egypt.

Do you see the freedom in accepting this?

Though we stumble and suffer the consequences – there is no condemnation in Christ. His goodness follows us.

And – for those who disobey – there is no place to hide.

At the end of the day, it’s a heart issue.

When correction is needed – are our hearts humble or hardened?

Happy Friday!

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