Jeremiah 23:1-40

Jeremiah 23:1-40

Those entrusted with the care of God’s people had not been doing their jobs.

👉 The shepherds had (v 1-2):

  • scattered the flock
  • driven away the flock
  • had not tended the flock

👉 The [false] prophets had (v 11-21):

  • acted ungodly
  • prophesied by false gods
  • led God’s people astray
  • committed adultery
  • walked in lies
  • strengthened the hands of evil
  • spread ungodliness
  • filled the people with vain hope
  • spoke their own words, not God’s
  • were not sent by God

👉 But God… (v 23-24)

  • was close at hand
  • was not far away
  • saw all
  • filled the heavens and the earth

And God promised to raise up a righteous branch for the people who would (v 5-6):

  • reign as king
  • deal wisely
  • execute justice and righteousness
  • save Judah
  • make Israel secure
  • would be called “The Lord is our righteousness”

God saw his people and he was going to take action.

When those entrusted with the task of leading, caring for, and cherishing His children failed to do it – he knew.

👉 Sometimes, we just need a reminder that God sees.

Whatever you are experiencing – he sees it.

Betrayal or brokenness.

Disappointment or discouragement.

Loss or loneliness.

Fear or failure.

Weary hearts or worried minds.

Your God is close at hand and his eye is on you.

Happy February, friends.

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