Jeremiah 22:1-30

Jeremiah 22:1-30

👉 The Lord made it clear what was expected of the leaders of Judah (v 1-3).

  • do justice
  • do righteousness
  • deliver those wronged
  • do no wrong or violence
  • do not shed innocent blood

Do justice. Do righteousness.

We see these specific commands all throughout scripture – Old Testament and New Testament. It’s a good reminder that we are to live out what we know to be right.

Not just think it – but do the thing.

Not sit passively by – but do the thing.

Not just post our opinions – but do. the. thing.

👉 King Josiah (v 15-16)

  • king of justice and righteousness
  • cared for the poor and needy

In other words, he did exactly what the Lord told him to do.

Then, there were two of Josiah’s sons.

Shallum (v 17)

  • eyes and heart for dishonest gain
  • shedding innocent blood
  • practicing oppression and violence

Jehoiakim (v 21)

  • in prosperity, would not listen to the voice of the Lord
  • disobedient since his youth

👉 As a result of their disobedience – the people will be given into the hand of their enemy (v 25).

And though it doesn’t sound like it now – the Lord has good things planned for his people. He will meet them in their exile and remind them of who he is – and of who they are to him.

And don’t we all need a reminder of who we are in Christ? Of how the Lord sees us?

I’m getting ahead of myself; we aren’t there yet.

But – if you want a sneak peek…

How does the Lord describe the behavior of Israel in Jeremiah 3:6?

What does the Lord call Israel in Jeremiah 31:4, 21?

Think on that for a bit.

You are loved and you are all things beautiful to your heavenly Father.

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