Jeremiah 20:1-18

Jeremiah 20:1-18

👉 Jeremiah gave God’s words to God’s people and it was not well received (v 1-2).

Pashur (a priest and chief officer in the house of the Lord):

  • heard Jeremiah’s prophecy
  • beat Jeremiah
  • put Jeremiah in stocks

👉 Jeremiah went through all the emotions:

  • felt deceived by the Lord (v 7)
  • felt overpowered by the Lord (v 7)
  • was laughed at and mocked by the people (v 7)
  • his faithfulness to the Lord resulted in reproach and derision (v 8 )
  • yet he could not stop himself from speaking of the Lord (v 9)
  • his closest friends wished him harm (v 10)
  • he believed the Lord was with him and would protect him (v 11)
  • he wanted to see the Lord’s vengeance on his behalf (v 12)
  • he questioned his very existence (v 14-18)

👉 There is something comforting – reassuring – about hearing Jeremiah’s words. His “Why” echoing in our ears. He obeyed and “all” his close friends turned on him.

It’s a reminder that we – as Christ followers – are promised peace but not popularity.

But – though all turned away – Jeremiah knew that God was with him.

Fighting on his behalf like a warrior (v 11).

Don’t you love that image?

Stay the course, friend.

Though the world mock you. And those closest to you hurl their insults. When you walk alone.

Walk on. Head held high. Eye on the prize. Following Christ every step of the way. The Lord is with you – like a mighty warrior.

Live like you’re loved.


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