Jeremiah 19:1-15

Jeremiah 19:1-15

👉 The Lord tells Jeremiah to:

  • go
  • buy a potter’s vessel
  • gather civil/religious leaders
  • stand at the gate
  • proclaim the words of the Lord
  • break the vessel

👉 The people have:

  • forsaken me
  • profaned this place
  • made offerings to other gods
  • filled the place with the blood of innocents
  • built high places of Baal
  • offered sons as sacrifices

👉 The Lord is bringing disaster because the people have:

  • stiffened their necks
  • refused to hear the word of the Lord

The people just refused to hear the word of the Lord. And what we will see in upcoming chapters is that there were false prophets teaching things contrary to the word of the Lord.

We will see two specific false prophets punished severely for causing the people to “trust in a lie.”

What lies have we been trusting in, friends?

The world is constantly tickling our ears with empty words and false promises. How can we recognize the lies?

We must be so in God’s Word – so in tune with his voice – that anything contrary to it is glaringly obvious.

You are loved.

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