Jeremiah 17:1-27

Jeremiah 17:1-27

👉 The man who trusts in man (v 5-6)

• cursed
• like a shrub in the desert
• shall not see good
• shall dwell in parched places

👉 the man who trusts in the Lord (v 7-8 )

• blessed
• like a tree planted by water
• does not fear
• is not anxious
• always fruitful

✏️ Bible Study Tip ✏️

Always make note of comparisons or contrasts. This is a great description of a life focused on the Lord vs one focused on self.

👉 The biggest difference that stood out to be was…

Being like a shrub in the desert vs being like a tree planted by streams of water.

Do you see it?

When we trust in man – even if that man is ourselves – we have no source of life or nourishment. We become dry and parched. Weary and worn.

But – when our trust is in the Lord – we are in a place to receive life and nourishment.

Trusting in man leaves us fragile.

Trusting in the Lord leaves us fruitful.

Who are you trusting in today?

You are loved.

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