Jeremiah 16:1-21

Jeremiah 16:1-21

👉 The people continued to follow their own “stubborn, evil wills” and refused to listen to the Lord (v 10-12). As a result of rejecting the Lord, they also turned their backs on his:

• peace
• steadfast love
• mercy
• favor

The things we forfeit, friends, when we think we know better than God. We are promised these things in Christ – so when I feel a lack of them – perhaps I need to do a heart check. Where have I been choosing my stubborn, evil will over God’s? Not that I think he removes these things from us as Christ followers, but that we reject them by rejecting Him and His will.

👉 There will come a day when God gathers his people again. When they are brought back from exile and returned to their own land (v 14-15).

[This gives me rapture vibes.]

But – before that happens – the people will pay doubly for their ongoing iniquity (v 18).

👉 Jeremiah’s Prayer (v 19-20)

The Lord is:

• his strength
• his stronghold
• his refuge

The Idols are:

• deceptive
• worthless
• unprofitable
• not gods

Lord, give us hearts that always choose you and the wisdom to see through the lies of the enemy.

Live like you’re loved.

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