Jeremiah 13:1-27

Jeremiah 13:1-27

👉 The people of Judah and Jerusalem (v 8-10):

• were evil
• refused to hear God’s words
• stubbornly followed their own hearts
• had gone after other gods
• chose things that were good for nothing

But that was not God’s plan for his people. Not at all.

👉 God’s plan (v 11) was:

• that his people would cling to him
• that his people would be for him a people, a name, a praise, and a glory.

But the people would not listen to him.

Do you see it?

They were created for glory but chose good for nothing.

So much of our angst and unsettledness is that we make the wrong choices.

We choose worry over worship.

We choose distraction over devotion.

We choose grudges over grace.

We choose panic over prayer.

We choose good for nothing over glory.

It’s Mary and Martha. Martha scurrying instead of sitting and becoming anxious and troubled and Jesus flat out telling her, “You made the wrong choice.”

I don’t know what this day holds. None of us do. But what if, in this moment, we asked God to help us make good choices. glory choices. choices that line up with who God created us to be.

In the words of Paul, “live like citizens worthy of the gospel of Christ.”

Or, in the words of Andy Taylor, “Go on out there and act like somebody.”

I love you. Yes, you. 😉

Message me if you ever need someone to listen.

Happy Friday.

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