Jeremiah 10:1-25

Jeremiah 10:1-25

When life is falling apart – to what thing or person do we turn? If it isn’t God – it’s an idol.

Here is what the Lord wants us to see and understand.

👉 Idols (v 5, 9, 14-15):

• cannot speak to us
• are burdens we must carry
• cannot walk
• cannot do evil or good on our behalf
• are man made
• are false
• have no breath / no life in them
• are worthless
• are a delusion

Think about what is truly ultimate in your life. Not the church answer but the gut level – if I’m being completely honest – answer. Money? Success? Acceptance? Appearance? A certain relationship?

What are you chasing?

If it isn’t God – it’s an idol – and all of the above are true for it.

👉 But God…

• there is none like him (v 6)
• is great (v 6)
• is mighty (v 6)
• is true (v 10)
• is alive (v 10)
• is everlasting (v 10)
• is creator (v 12)
• is wise (v 12)
• is in control of the heavens and the earth (v 13)
• formed all things (v 16)
• is the Lord of hosts (v 16)

He is God. He is all in all. He is creator and in control. He is wonderful and wise. He is alive and for always. He speaks and things exist. He says the word and evil must flee.

There is none like him.

And the people had access to him. An open invitation to come and rest, come and receive, come and be renewed. But they chose their own ways – and the Lord said, “That’s stupid” (v 21).

👉 I love when Scripture is so blatantly clear. For those who claim God’s Word is difficult to understand – sure – some parts. But then – sometimes – I just laugh out loud at the simplicity of it.

“I created everything and am still in control of everything and I am available to you.”

“You are choosing to turn to things and people that can do nothing for you.”

“That’s stupid.”

I hear you, Lord. I hear you.

Happy Friday, friends.

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