Jeremiah 9:1-26

Jeremiah 9:1-26

👉 The people:

• proceed from evil to evil (v 3)
• do not know the Lord (v 3)
• deceive one another (v 5)
• commit iniquity (v 5)
• oppress others (v 6)
• refuse to know me (v 6)
• forsake God’s law (v 13)
• disobey (v 13)
• follow their own hearts (v 14)
• go after other gods (v 14)

Second verse – same as the first – right? The kicker for me here was that the people were doing all of these things “as their fathers taught them.” We will also see – in chapter 16 – the idols being referred to as things “their fathers inherited.”

What we have here is generational sin – the people are trusting in the things their fathers trusted in and the things their fathers trusted in were inherited from their fathers before them.

And something has to change. Someone has to change.

👉 And the Lord speaks into the chaos and confusion and says…

Consider (v 17).

Stop and think for a moment.

Hear (v 20).

Listen to what the Lord is saying to you.

Speak (v 22).

Tell others what the Lord has told you.

How do we begin to stop generational sins, patterns, and struggles?

Think. Listen. Then speak.

👉 What do we boast in – what do we view as valuable (v 23-24)?




God says none of these things are worthy of boasting in or bragging about.

If you’re going to boast – boast that you understand and know the Lord.

👉 What can we know about the Lord?

He practices and delights in:

• love
• justice
• righteousness

👉 Let’s go into the new year committed to considering God’s Word. Longing to listen to Him. Strong enough to speak truth to the world around us.

You are loved.

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