Jeremiah 8:1-22

Jeremiah 8:1-22

👉 The people were (v 2)…

• loving
• serving
• going after
• seeking
• worshipping

…things that were not God.

I don’t know about you, but I had to sit with that verse for a minute.

And I had to admit that – I’m not Jeremiah mourning over the sins of the people (v 18-22). I’m the rest of the people – chasing counterfeit gods – carrying around idols I created myself and becoming weary under their weight.

👉 The people (v 5-12) were guilty of:

• perpetual backsliding
• holding fast to deceit
• refusing to return to God
• not speaking rightly
• having no guilt over their sin
• turning to their own ways
• not knowing the rules of the Lord
• thinking they are wise
• rejecting the Word of the Lord
• being greedy for unjust gain
• dealing falsely with others
• no shame over their behavior

Do you see the effort? The intentionality?

Holding fast to deceit.

Refusing to return.

Turning to their own way.

Rejecting the Word of the Lord.

These are all choices. Daily decisions. It doesn’t happen by accident.

👉 And the result of it all?

No peace. No healing. (V 15)

👉 It’s time, friends, to stop loving things that will never love us back. To stop spending our time, physical effort, and mental energy serving, chasing, and seeking things that can do nothing for us. It’s time to take our worship back.

I don’t know what false gods you’ve been chasing. I can name mine pretty easily because I’ve been serving them for years.

Here is what I do know – they’ve done nothing for you. No peace. No healing.

It’s time, friends. It’s time to change our ways. To stop thinking we are wise. To admit that – not only did we not accomplish what we thought we would – but we’ve made a real mess of things in the process.

Let’s not wait for January 1. This is not a resolution – it’s repentance.

No other gods. Only Jesus.

You are loved.

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